My FAVORITE swimsuit EVER!

Swimwear is tricky for everyone! I have never met anyone who could easily find one to fit, or found one immediately that they just loved!! Tops are too small, bottoms too big, vice versa or the dreaded one piece!

It’s taken me YEARS… and when I say years, I’m talking 10+ to find a bathing suit that I absolutely adore. I’ve tried the tankini, high waisted bikini’s, swim dresses or shorts and just about every one piece I could find. Target was usually where I stumbled upon something that would get me through the season, but you know as well as I do that the fit was far from perfect!!

I’m 31 years young, 161 pounds, size 10 pants and a 34D bra… all this stacked on a 5’1” frame! I’m a funny shape to say the least with a few areas that I’m not comfortable flaunting in a two-piece.  I’ve always been open about my mummy tummy and it’s definitely a situation in a swimsuit!!!! No matter how much weight I lose it demands attention… no matter how hard I try to disguise it. So let’s talk about options:

Being on the vertically challenged side I’ve never felt comfortable in a tankini. I think they look amazing on women who are taller and especially those who can rock it a little short, breaking up the top and the bottom. Of course this defeats the purpose of the tankini I imagine because if I wanted my belly to show – I’d be wearing a two piece bikini for sure. Needless to say, I’ve worn them. Usually here I develop the beloved ‘uniboob’ or just look 10lbs heavier from the fabric in the front, especially after it gets wet.

High Waist Bikini
I had HIGH hopes for this… seriously. I ordered a ton when they became a thing! I thought this was going to be my saving grace and I would finally go to the beach with confidence! Bye, bye to the self-conscious cloud following me around in my usual swimsuit that was meant for someone at least 20 years older than me. Upon arrival I ran home and threw on the first of many high waisted bikini’s I’d try on that night… I kept one. I actually still have this one and it was not until I saw photos of myself in said bikini that I realized something… it was not for me. Cut me in half and the top was perfect! The bottom however made my bootay look humungous and NOT in a good way. Like it went on for dayysss. And from the front, it just cut me in half. I’m already short… I need length.

One Piece Suits
This is where it gets tricky. I need a thicker suit usually with a little tummy control. Queue the miracle suit. Again, at this time I’m in my 20s and do NOT want to be looking for a swimsuit in the same sections as my grandmother!! They’re either all full spandex and full bottom or paper thin and a mono-kini. Some featured a skirt, a pair of shorts or let’s not leave out the embellishments. Of course, I need a flower under my boob to distract everyones attention from my pooch! NO!

Needless to say I was SO ready to give up… but I needed a bathing suit, everyone has to have at least one! So Victoria’s Secret was running their semi-annual sale and I decided to order a TON. Out of this mega spree of swimsuits that arrived I again found… ONE. But this suit is what started to give me hope of finding something that was ME, something that I could wear and feel fantastic! It was high-neck, color blocked black (bottom) and white (top) with an open back and it just fit wonderfully. I wore this suit for S I X years.

Fast forward to last year… my suit had served its purpose and needed to be pitched. Of course VS stopped making swimwear and I was lost. I loved that suit and it lasted forever so I knew I’d probably just find a similar one googling something… right?! Wrong.

I booked Chris and I an anniversary cruise and could not wait to celebrate with him and take a well deserved vacation after he returned from a deployment. Ladies I needed a SUIT. I was not ready to settle on a suit that was just going to ‘work’, honneyyy I wanted to WORK a SUIT.

I’d stumbled into Everything but Water with incredible doubt. The last time I was in this store I was 15, shopping with my mom. I had perky boobs, a flat stomach and a much more toned athletic physique. Anyone else wish they could go and slap their teenage self in the face for calling that version of yourself fat?! Anyway, I digress. I was nervous and completely convinced that NOTHING in that store was going to fit me anymore. I could just see an ocean of tiny bikini’s hanging up, racks of strings and skimpy suits and just as I was about to run out, make a clean break… ‘ma’am what brings you in today?’

Shit. I might as well ask, she seems nice. Her name was Patricia (my mothers name or else I promise I’d have forgotten it, I’m horrible with names) and she was so sweet. I told her about my trip and that I was looking for a bathing suit but wanted a one piece. She simply asked my dress size, grabbed 4 without asking me another question and sent me to a fitting room. I hated the colors but honestly at this point I was curious and I was already there…

These suits were sexy, just as quality as I remember and fit extremely well. One by one I put them on and couldn’t believe how different they looked from the hundreds I had tried on elsewhere. She asked how I was doing and I nervously said that I was down to my last one, but I did not think it was going to work. She knew which one I had saved for last and made me promise I’d put it on. That moment changed the swimwear game for me…. FOREVER.

Meet the Becca Crochet One-Piece suit that is EVERYTHING.

Let me tell you why I have this suit in almost every color…. because it’s beautiful, sophisticated and sexy! The quality material keeps everything where it’s supposed to be without the ‘miracle suit’ feel. It’s just well made. The crochet look disguises any problem areas and with the overall slimming pattern of the fabric, you look slimmer! You feel GREAT and confidence is sexy… if you don’t feel good about yourself in a bathing suit you are not going to look it!

I thought this suit on the rack was too revealing and was something that was going to show too much. Then I remembered… it’s a bathing suit. If I was still that athletic toned, flat bellied girl I once was – I’d be wearing a triangle top and a bikini bottom. This suit obviously covers more, but I still feel sexy! I could not believe how much I liked it! When I originally purchased this suit it only came in one color, but luckily they brought it back in a bunch this year! Navy, red, a gorgeous olive green and white! They’ve even spiced up the look with a few alternate styles. I love this suit.

This leads me to the cost. I know you may be thinking that $120-130 may be way too expensive for a swimsuit… but I’ve had the black one – THREE YEARS. It has no rips, it’s not stretched out with the elastic shot and I wear it year round in the hot tub when it’s too cold for the beach! The last suit I purchased for around $40 from Target and it only lasted me the season… if I had to repurchase a suit every year at $40… I’d have spent the same amount as I did for my ONE favorite suit. I take care of it… I rinse it out after wearing and hang dry after washing but it frequently gets worn!!

Treat yourself ladies! Buy yourself a sexy swimsuit!!! Just because you want a one piece does NOT mean that it has to age you or be anything less than everything you want it to be! I’ve linked a few below that are some of my favorites!

SALE ALERT my black suit is on sale at Lord & Taylor for $93!! Shop them below!

Seriously the BEST suit EVER!! Check it out and let me know what you think!


Loft Haul – What made the cut!

Yesterday I got tired of wearing the same ol’ same that I keep pulling out of my closet. My #rtr order isn’t here yet and I’m seriously running out of clothes. Overnight I had received an email from Loft talking about new arrivals and a sale starting – 40% off full priced tops and you earn Loft Cash too!! So I said ‘that’s it…’ threw on some clothes and headed out the door. **Anytime a store says new arrivals… this also means A LOT of new CLEARANCE because you know they had to make room!**

I went to my favorite local loft that has a spectacular petite section! Most are just a little nook or a corner… this one is half the store! I’m short, curvy and petite clothes fit SO much better than regular cuts. If you’re on the shorter side, maybe have a short torso or a low waist… TRY PETITE. You don’t have to be a size 2, most petite sections go up to 16/18. My mother had to talk me into trying out petite sizes years ago and I’ve honestly never looked back. It’s the solution to clothes that leave you looking frumpy, armholes that are too big, pants that go up to your boobs and tops that look like tunics.

Now – In this haul almost everything that I try on is ‘petite’ but I’ll specify some items that I tried to make work. Some I got, some I didn’t you’ll see! ALL off these items are available on some are on clearance too! YES!
1. Long Sleeve Vintage Soft Tee $19.99 and additional 40% OFF!
Wearing a Large, not petite!

Every Spring I am on the hunt for a new lightweight long sleeve tee in either white or a pretty pastel color. I’ve told you guys I don’t love baking in the sun… this is my solution. This one is perfect! The fit was great, even though it wasn’t petite and I sized up to make it a little more comfy! The arms are a smidge too long, but not so much that it bothers me! The scoop neck is also something I don’t usually love, but this one wasn’t so extreme!

Grab this one ladies, perfect for jeans, a statement necklace and your favorite summer sandals! I did!

2. 5 Pocket Camo Leggings $69
Wearing a 10 Petite, I rolled up the legs a bit just because I like it! LOL!

These were so comfortable and honestly I loved the camo! I thought it would be too busy and accentuate my thick thighs, but the pattern wasn’t loud or bold… just right! I didn’t grab these though because I want to find some shorts for the summer… I’m going to stick it out with the bottoms I have to get through the cold weather!

The stretch on these was great, they passed the bend over test meaning my entire ass wouldn’t be exposed if I dropped anything or needed to tie my shoe! The olives and greens were neutral enough and light enough to keep your options open with tops and I especially think they would pair well if you had a cute lightweight bomber jacket and a grey tee! Accessorize and throw on your favorite tennies… out the door!


3. Cutout V-Neck Sweater $39.99 and additional 40% OFF!
Wearing a Large, not petite. Didn’t get this one because it’s just too big, but I AM buying in petite online because I loved it so much!

The color in the first photo isn’t the best, but I loved the creamy white color of this sweater which is more true in the one on the right. It’s light weight enough that it’s even going to be perfect on those cooler winter nights! The cutout was sexy and I just can’t wait to wear this one out to dinner with Chris… pump it up with some statement earrings, sans necklace because the detail is enough. It’s NOT itchy, super soft!

4. Drama Queen Top $9.88!!
Wearing a Medium Petite!

Ok I got murdered on this poll on my instastories today! BUT I got this top anyway and I’m going to tell you why! Sometimes pieces like this leave us second guessing ourselves… but I loved it, I almost bought it when it was full price! It’s a great weight, perfect for tucking into any bottoms and it’s bright white, so classic!

I picture this top tucked into a skirt or a belted pair of shorts… I see it as adding a fun unexpected detail to an outfit with it’s ruffle and puff sleeves! I see it with or without a fun necklace or earrings and just overall a versatile, quality top. I had to talk myself into after the poll thought it was so meh… but I’m going to trust my fashion gut here and I think you guys are going to love what I’m going to do with it! Look for it as a fun #OOTD post!

5. Modern Skinny Crop Jeans $34.99-69.50
Wearing a 10 Petite

Even though these were noted as being a crop, they still came to my ankle more like a traditional cigarette pant on me. Loved the fit on these and the stretch was comfortable, they felt lightweight and super soft! These come in many colors but of course I was more drawn to the neutral grey. The crops also come in an olive. Again I didn’t buy any bottoms yesterday because I was focused on tops, BUT I will probably be coming back for these babies! They also passed the bendy test!


6. Mosaic Stripe Bell Sleeve Blouse $59.50 and additional 40% OFF!
Wearing a Medium Petite

I loved the almost nautical vibe of this top, probably because of the beautiful blues! It was super soft and has a high neck / split neck detail which I love! I’m a huge fan of anything high neck! The embroidery here was awesome and I’m actually usually not a fan in most tops because it comes with this scratchy interior material protecting the embroidery. This one did NOT.

I ended up not getting this one because I just felt that it didn’t show off my weight loss like I’m looking for right now. But I know that if I did, I could style it with a cute pair of white crops or even shorts and just slightly tuck in the front to make it look more fitted! Ahh… :adds to cart:… I should have just bought it yesterday! HA! Love this one!

7. Ruffled Cold Shoulder Tee $39.50 and an additional 40% OFF!
Wearing a Medium Petite

THIS TOP IS EVERYTHING. I actually changed into this after popping into another store, I loved it that much. It’s rayon/poly/spandex blend which is my favorite in a tee and the weight of it makes it SO flattering too. I think the cold shoulder is a fun flirty way to spice up your average tee! I’m also a huge fan of ruffles so this one was a done deal from the moment I looked in the mirror!

Again this one would also be good as a tucked in tee because of the tailored shape. It’s not too form fitting though, just perfect! Comes in this navy and also a lighter brighter blue! You’ll see me in this one A LOT! Fair warning! LOL!


8. Wildflower Pleated Mixed Media Shell $44.50 and an additional 40% OFF!
Wearing a Medium Petite in this one too!

Y’all!! This top has some serious versatility, gorgeous color and a soft, sexy feel! Loved the high, split neck! The pattern is chic and classic, not crazy! And with endless outfit possibilities you could dress it up or down. I mean here I just tossed it on with my jeans and could have left it on all day… It wasn’t so sheer either that it required a tank underneath even though it’s white! SCORE!

Perfect spring/summer top! Also this print comes in a long sleeve, bell cuff version HERE!


9. Flutter Belted Flare Dress $89.50
Wearing a 10 Petite in this one!

I tried on this dress a week ago and HATED it… because I didn’t try on the petite (was in a store with a tiny petite section)! But I did see it’s potential and had it in the back of my mind as I was headed into the store yesterday! So glad I gave it a second chance because it’s a stunning variation of the LBD!

The belted waist enhances the hourglass shape of the dress and is just so flattering! I loved the length so much better on the petite as it hit me above the knee giving the illusion that my legs are longer… they’re NOT long at all LOL. The flouncy ruffle detail around the arms and the hemline is gorgeous too!

I know the price tag is a little steeper, but if you signup for their mailing list you do get a $25 for insider coupon… this dress is worth it. Fully lined, quality material and packed with all the sass and sex appeal you need to turn up the volume on date night!



LOVED these pieces so much and I always love what Loft has on the racks. They have an overall classic style that can be everyday or wear to work, so versatile. Their clothes are always quality and last for YEARS if you’d like them to.

Let me know what you snag during this AWESOME sale!

Comment below with another store you’d like to see hauls from… where are we off to next?!



St. Moriz Fast Tan


St. Moriz Fast Tanning Mousse, $9.99

To say I was excited to try this is an understatement. I have been on the hunt for a good self tanner for YEARS. Since skin cancer is so prevalent in our family I’ve worked hard to prevent sun damage to my skin… I wear an SPF daily and take special precautions when I’m in the sun for prolonged periods of time. I’m blonde and fair skinned… you’d think I would burn, but I don’t really… which can be even more dangerous. So long story short… I stick to a tan in a tube! TAN… not ORANGE!! Right?!

St. Moriz Fast Tanning Mousse!!!!! 

After extensive research of current products on the market, I decided that this one not only fit into my budget but reviews also boasted a rich glow! A few reviews did mention streaking or uneven spread, but I read recommendations on the St. Moriz website suggesting a mitt for application… just wait…


Application Mitt, $6.69

I’ve decided tonight that I have applied EVERY self tanner the wrong way. This mitt was a #gamechanger. If you think about it… most come in a lotion or a mousse and it’s just impossible to get it evenly distributed while you’re also stressing that your fingers are going to look like carrots. For under $7 bucks it is a SCORE… it’s washable so you can reuse and really delivered the even, streak free tan I was looking for. So without even knowing what hue this mousse was going to develop into… I was celebrating the application! Get this adorable and affordable mitt HERE on Amazon, cheaper than at Ulta!

Now let’s dive into the tan application!


  1. Always exfoliate before you apply any self-tanner, get a spray tan or anything… this ensures the best possible application and will even help it last longer!
  2. Moisturize and let it dry… completely!
  3. Read and RE-READ directions before applying and snap a before shot!
  4. Using the mitt, I used two-three pumps at a time and blended it completely before heading to a new spot. I applied sparingly to areas like the tops of my hands, feet, joints and my face.
  5. I let it completely dry before getting dressed again and made sure to note the time so you can track it. This formula is meant to darken gradually over 3 hours… meaning you can leave it on for the full 3 hours if you desire a darker glow or rinse earlier for a medium tan.
  6. After it’s ‘cooked’ for the desired time you’ll need to rinse off with lukewarm water. I just hopped in the shower and skipped the soaps or body wash.
  7. You’re all set!

A few things I noticed:

This self tanner didn’t smell horrible as some do… total plus! Wasn’t sticky or slimy…

Doesn’t rub off! I was worried that since the foam was dark that it would rub off on my clothes and anything else I touched during the 3 hours…. it didn’t. The foam is a chocolate brown and you can immediately see color when applying. Came in handy!

Overall I definitely recommend St. Moriz Fast Tanning Mousse… don’t skip the mitt! Easy application, great color, quality product and wonderfully priced!

Let me know if you try it!!! Time to get #summerready!!




Update // Where From Here?!

I can’t hide the whirlwind that I’ve been working with lately…. Between managing/growing my business, the news of moving this summer, the boys schedules, beginning the design phase of our forever home and starting a journey into becoming landlords…. the past two weeks have been BUSY. I don’t think I would have even made it through if the boys hadn’t been such a big help… thank goodness. But over the last two weeks we’ve made some big progress…

pexels-photo-219249.jpegBiggest news is we’re celebrating the opportunity to keep our first home… Chris & I will venture into making this a long term investment and becoming landlords. Of course this was NOT an easy decision and we met with numerous professionals to make sure we knew what we were doing. And since we’re currently occupying the property it was a task to keep it show ready at a moments notice. We make plenty of memories here full time. Not everyone appreciates the ‘lived in’ look of laundry, dishes from all the cooking I do and the clutter the boys leave strewn all over the house – top to bottom. Finding a photographer, legal consult… finishing all those unfinished projects, just everything at once. Of course doing all this with Chris here and there! But we made it… we had a good amount of interest and think that we’ve made a good decision with the tenants we chose.

Firming up what’s going to happen with the house has allowed for us to make plans though our transition and I couldn’t be more excited about how things will pan out. We’ll turn over our current home in April and move into temporary accommodations until the summer so that the boys can finish out the school year here. It gives me time to sort through what we’ll be taking, selling, organize things… the usual moving prep we all do when it’s ‘that time’. Which I have to say I’ve learned some tricks along the way for sure… some I’ll share because everyone moves and we do what we can to make it as efficient as possible!!

Finally… When the boys are out of school… we’re heading to UAE to spend the summer!!!! Homecoming in REVERSE!!

All the chaos and crazy from the past few weeks… We had one MAIN goal that of course included a lot of moving parts but the goal was to gift the boys a summer abroad. A summer they’re going to remember for the rest of their lives. Reconnecting as a family with Chris and just making memories and celebrating making it through the last year in ONE piece! I can’t wait to share with you our plans as we make them and bring you along as we experience and learn all we can this summer! Look for the Planning a Summer Abroad series as we start to prepare all the moving parts!

Where do we go from here?! 

As I talked about this morning in my video I’m going to continue running my blog and The Chic Little Shop but I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to take my business to a whole new level… broaden the spectrum and bring more to my customers and my followers. My ultimate goal is to help empower and inspire women to live their best life as the best version of themselves confidently! This includes many of my passions… beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, relationships and day-to-day life as a mother and a wife.

I relaunched my business with the intention of focusing on clothing alone and still wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of so much more. If you know me, you know that I am NEVER short on words and always have something to talk about… so putting myself into a box just isn’t for me. If labels are important here, just think of my blog/shop as a place where I share various inspirations in hopes to make your life easier.

I’ll still bring various apparel and accessories into the shop, but I’ll also be promoting some of my favorite shops and companies some of which I’m affiliated with and some I’m not… I’ll make sure you know which is which!

I am so excited about the direction my business is going and how it’s overall just growing and blossoming into something I’ve dreamed about for years. I feel like I can finally see a glimpse of what it could become with more hard work, dedication and of course learning all I can along the way. There is SO much to learn and technology is always changing, social media is constantly changing and evolving. The industries are nearly impossible to keep up with and it will be a huge task to stay on top of everything that I plan to share and bring to the community. But I’m more than up for the challenge and already this journey has been so rewarding in so many ways. I’m so thankful!

ACS_0097 2

//Casual Look of the Day//

(In order of Application)
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-Colors used: Woodwinked, Honey Lust and Shroom
Better Than Sex Mascara, $23 at (Enjoy 20% Off w/link)*
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Professional Eyebrow Powder Pencil in Grey, $6.69 at*
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*Affiliate Brands

Top: (older), similar always available – LOVE plaid/flannel!

Mug: Petal Palette Monogram Mug, $10 at