Overcoming the fear to ‘tuck’…

I have been weary of the tucked in look since I birthed my two children. I have a visible ‘mummy tummy’ and it’s honestly annoying how much I worry about it. Self-conscious is an extreme understatement! Usually I wear tops that cover my pockets and fall mid-zipper to completely hide my stomach entirely. Nothing form fitting and tucked in… are you kidding?! NOPE. I always felt that it accentuated every lump and bump that I was worried about….

Today when I was getting dressed I had envisioned the cutest outfit and when I put it on I realized that the top needed to be tucked in for sure. I always try it, never end up wearing it! Today… I wore it. And I’m SO happy I did!

Today’s outfit has had me glowing all day! This top is from J.Crew last season, but I linked this years version. I currently have it sitting in my cart because I like the no collar look better! Collars tend to get my hair all in a fuss! Chambray is always such a casual clean look and so comfortable that I love wearing it! It’s such a versatile look!

My favorite white denim from Loft of course had to make an appearance… it’s been a while since I’ve worn them! I love these in petite and think that they’re the perfect addition to the chambray top! Always comfortable, completely wash and wearable! Which is a big deal when you’re talking white denim!

I snagged these adorable platform wedges while we lived in Japan and they’re some of my favorites… so well made too! I’ve never been able to locate them online, however I did link some of my favorites down below! I’m on a total neutral wedge think right now honey and I think they’re going to be a constant all summer!

This Loeffler Randall pompom trim circular tote is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen and just radiates the beachy fun vibes I’m looking for! The tassels are just everything and surprisingly it fits everything I need! Wallet, sunnies and a few lippies! Perfect!

What do you guys think?? Should this momma start rocking the ‘tuck’ again?!

everyday face


I love wearing make-up but I have to admit I’m super picky! Especially with my everyday look… I’m usually getting ready in rush and sometimes I even get ready on the go so I need to use minimal product. So these products are my everyday need to succeed. They’ll all fit in a small pouch, they’re easily applied and I can achieve my desired look quickly!

So what is the everyday look? I try to wear a neutral eye, something that’s going to accentuate my natural features without looking too extra! A look that is more simple and fresh faced. My day to day is usually jam packed so I look for products that keep my naturally oily t-zone matte without looking cake-y! <– this is SO hard to achieve especially in the summer! So when I find products that help me achieve this… I obviously hold on TIGHT!

Let’s get to it!

First, I just prepped my face this morning by washing it with just a few drops Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap ($10) on a facial sponge.

Now hydrate! I use Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 (under $20). It’s light and isn’t greasy at all so of course it’s perfect to wear prior to applying makeup! It lasts me about a month or so too. Inexpensive enough to still be quality moisturizer in my opinion! I wear it day or night!

Then I prep my face for makeup application with Prep+Prime from MAC Cosmetics ($26 or $12 for Travel Size). I have talked about this before and sometimes I call it Fix+ which it’s also called. I love using it before makeup AND after. It’s a great primer for that dewey yet matte finish. I just feel like my products look better when I prep with it too, any product! You can find it at Nordstrom or any MAC Cosmetics store. Just a few sprays all over and let air dry a few seconds before you get started.

Foundation! I’m currently in love with liquid or stick foundations because my skin is SO dry right now. Today I’m using the Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation Stick ($40) in ‘Light’. It is heavy enough for a good coverage and to give me some moisture but not so heavy on my face that you can see it. I received it in a PR package from Wander Beauty last week and I just couldn’t believe how much I love the long lasting wear. At the end of the day it was still matte and looked fresh. I also did a full review of a few other products HERE. I apply foundation with an e.l.f cosmetics foundation brush. I prefer using brushes because they don’t soak up as much makeup as say a beauty blender and the finish is more flawless. I noticed I was going through SO much liquid foundation when I was using a beauty blender! You can get a starter kit of these inexpensive brushes online or at Target! Blend, blend, BLEND! Paying special attention to your jawline and around your hairline… forgetting these spots isn’t good!

Once I have blended my foundation I like to brighten my eyes. Just below my lower lashes I have very noticeable under-eye circles. I apply a SMALL amount of concealer onto an e.l.f concealer brush and create a small triangle from the inside corner of my eye, down the bridge of my nose and then up to the outer corner of my eye. I do this on both sides and then blend with my foundation brush. Today I used Younique Mineral Touch Skin Perfecting concealer ($29). Shout out to my girl Mishae, she’ll take care of you! I also love MAC Cosmetics Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer ($21) I use NW15! Blending again us your secret here! The more you blend, the more natural the finish!

Powder is next! If I’m not using foundation I like to use a powder foundation. So since we started with foundation we’re going to use just a simple pressed powder. I love Younique’s Mineral Pressed Powder ($32)… a wispy dusting of this and I have an all day matte finish that’s even and clean. Looking at the website, it’s also considered a ‘powder foundation’… oops. But it’s obviously so light that I couldn’t tell! HA! Perfect!

I also used a bronzer next to do a little natural contouring. I used Younique Beachfront Bronzer in Sunset ($32). When we apply foundation or powder to our face I feel like we lose that natural line that falls just under the cheekbone.This little trick slims your face and adds dimension so it’s perfect for especially oval or round face like mine. To do this, take a bronzer brush (shorter more controlled bristles) with just a little bronzer and pucker your lips. Just below your now more visible cheekbone apply the bronzer back and forth along this line. Afterwards I used THIS ($6) kabuki brush to blend!

We’re ready for eyes! ACS_0063

I love MAC Pro Palette Pans ($8 for pan, $6 per color). I can create looks and keep them together. These colors I’m using today are CONCRETE, HONEY LUST, GOLDMINE and SHROOM. I used concrete on the outer corner using a 224S MAC tapered blending brush, honey lust to blend over to the inner corner and goldmine in the center of my lid. Shroom I use to clean it all up. I blend it into the inner corner of my eye and just under my eyebrow as a highlighter. I use this color a LOT as it is the perfect highlighter without being too light or bright white!

Mascara is usually my Better than Sex by Too Faced ($13)! I love how it lengthens my lashes and gives them volume without smearing or flaking throughout the day! I also love to add a drop of lavender oil when I break open a new one because that naturally helps to grow healthy lashes! Of course it smells yummy too!

Now for a matte pinky nude lip, I use MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Medium Rare ($21)! It’s perfect for everyday and I can even glam it up with gloss if I’d like to wear it more for date night! I spritz on a few more sprays of MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ before I dust a little setting powder under my eyes and on my t-zone! Ready to go!

ACS_0064I love wearing these colors and this look with just about anything other than black. It’s just a more natural, easy and quick look for everyday! I hope this answered a few of the questions I received!! I love getting questions, thank you!!

Now go try something new with your makeup! Ha! Or maybe even branch out to one of the products I mentioned above! Remember I’m super picky so I don’t suggest anything that I haven’t personally fallen in love with first! Let me know what you think!!




Who isn’t looking for an outfit that fits a multitude of their most frequent moods?! I know that when I pick up a piece for my personal wardrobe, I’m asking myself what I could wear it with or for! Bonus if it fits into more than one purpose, more than one mood AND it’s comfortable.
Here’s where we talk about athlesiure. Athletic wear is obviously best for working out… fitness… running, sports and everything active! But for a busy mom on the go it’s a great way to be insanely comfortable, ready for ANYTHING and maybe even fit in that occasional work out!
My favorite combos’ are a strong athletic legging that is durable enough to handle my busy days and thick enough to combat any wardrobe malfunction that could occur. I love a pullover or a sweater that is soft and comfortable, warm in the summer and cool and breezy in the summer. I love long sleeves so this is also a must, even when it gets hot… The sun freckles me so fast I try to stay covered when I can.
When I think about these looks I’m thinking about all I get into during the day… I wake up, rushing to get the boys fed and out the door on time. I’m usually rushing to get orders filled and out the door, also on time. It’s usually rush, rush… I need something that I can throw on and pull my hair up, throw on a hat and out the door. If I’m running up to the boys school or anything… I just put a minimal dash of make-up on and GO!
Here’s the leisure to the mix. I’m comfortable and even though I can dress it up a little to make it cute… it feels effortless. I like effortless. It gives this busy momma time to think about everything else on my plate. And also a little added bonus… effortless and comfortable means I’m also feeling confident and if you know me or follow this blog… confident is the new black. It’s sexy!
Give me ALL the athleisure wear!
Now something that is a total bummer about athletic wear is that it can cost you a pretty penny. But y’all I’ve found some recent favorites that I’m LOVING. They fit into your budget without breaking the bank and they’re still just as cute as some of the expensive dupes that they’re fashioned after!
So let’s talk about some of these finds:
Old Navy.
cn13789521While I think there are some things that this big box could improve on… they really are killing it with their active wear. It’s affordable and it’s fashionable. I have an older version of this KILLER cowl neck coat and I have worn it slap to death. I always get compliments on it and it’s ‘workout’ wear. Right!? How many of you wear a band or restaurant t-shirt with holes in it to work out?? Yea. I can’tsay I haven’t. So throw on this cute jacket over it… who’s gonna know?! HA! Get it HERE for just $35 for another 20% off today!
These leggings are perfect for pounding the pavement and equally amazing for just running errands. Get them HERE. They’re under $30 and again another 20% off today! AND if you’re a military family… you can also enjoy an additional %15 off in-store! YA!
52891093Next I want to highlight Target… Targè as I like to call it. They make it simple by highlighting our desired look in its own athleisure category online! Effortless I tell ya! Let’s start with THIS adorable hoodie… I’m a
sucker for a good hoodie. The front pocket is perfect when I need another hand, they’re snuggly on movie night and super washable when I am covered in whatever mess the day brought! Now the athleisure look you’re going to have to be careful and not lose your figure. We’re not going for frumpy… we’re going for that comfy, cute right?! So this hoodie happens to have a cute side lace up detail which I love! It not only is going to be great for creating shape, but it’s also adding this simple added femininity that we crave! So cute! At a cool $20, give it to me!
52218343Now for pants to match! My boys wear joggers constantly… now I finally have seen the comfort and style possibility for myself. The fitted ankle can highlight anything cute on your feet AND provide a look more casual than a tight, figure hugging legging. These also feature a must have pocket… so now I have what?! 5 hands?! YES! #momwin Grab these cuties for just $20 bucks too! #target also has great sports bras too… SO perfect for everyday or when you’re heading out to run miles!
FreeRNFK1710_FX_v1These are a total splurge, but I feel like what you put on your feet is important. It’s carrying you… impacts your posture and if you care about what they look like, they can be pricey! These are adorable and would literally match everything! Nike is mixing the look of chic neutrals and the quality of a good shoe! I also love Nike Free because they are SO lightweight… Grab these for a cool $150. DM me if you find dupes!! But I doubt it, these are just gorgeous! Find them HERE!
I hope this shed a little light into my new favorite fashionable finds… I’m in love with this athleisure look. I know that it’s just necessary for the sanity of any busy women and especially moms to have the ability to grab and go without looking like a hot mess express! Confidently beYOUtiful ladies… Monday-Friday… it’s ok to be comfortable AND confident!
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I get asked a lot… ‘what are essential pieces you recommend in a closet?’ I always have the same answer… there’s not just one response either, it’s going to be unique to the person. I think that it has a lot to do with anything that makes you feel confident and sexy! Because those pieces are the essential wardrobe additions that you’ll mix with other pieces over time to create look after look.
Let me explain by sharing some of my favorite go-to pieces:


IMG_0629You need good denim in your closet… a few pair in a variety of washes and silhouettes. They do not have to be expensive, but quality so that they are comfortable and wearable. You want a waistband that is flattering, comfortable and a good fit! No gaps or cinching too tight! Find a good fit! I recommend denim with spandex so that it looks almost tailored to the curves of your body. Some of my favorites are these pictured above, American Eagle $50. A new favorite that’s actually in the shop here. They’re only $35 and even though they’re skinny pencil fit they’re flattering and don’t cut me in two! Huge bonus for jeans and a hard to find feature for those of us rocking the mom bod!


IMG_0269 2Having comfortable and flattering tops is just as important as your denim! You want staple solids so that you can change up the looks with accessory pieces! Like this simple sweater! I can totally change the look with a printed jacket or a floral print skinny pant! Statement jewelry is also an easy outfit update! You can change the look of any outfit with a simple switch of your necklace or throw on a different pair of earrings! I love playing with fun pieces! Do NOT be afraid to try different things with these staple solids… they’re meant to be a blank canvas of color you can pair with anything fun! I challenge you to find your favorite solid piece and pair it with something NEW and fun from your closet this week!



Ok, ok I hear you. Leggings to some of you aren’t pants. BUT worn correctly they are a key piece in your wardrobe. Let me explain… Leggings are my favorite when worn under a long
flowing top that doesn’t always look good over a bulky pair of jeans. When you’re looking to flatter your waistline instead of draw unnecessary attention to it, go for the leggings. Wear a longer tunic style top that covers your booty and maybe even add a cute cardigan… long ones are my favorite. Especially ones like this one to make me appear taller and slimmer. It’s the play on lines! Love! A good pair of leggings should also NOT be sheer… those are tights. Leggings are thicker and more durable… Look for some awesome solids coming to the shop soon! This duster is back in stock here.


IMG_0081 2
Your closet should reflect some of your personality… don’t be afraid to rock something other than a plain-t every now and then! I love a quick witty top or tanks with cute graphics on them to layer underneath other pieces. It’s just something that can again, change things up! Now these pieces I tend to shop for in solid colors so that I can piece them with some of those fun patterns in my closet… so if you ask me, a good graphic top falls into the same category as a solid!


Fun fashionable details such as lace and embroidery are just timeless if you ask me. They can be just another simple accessory or layer pulling an outfit together! I love v’s in fashion… they’re flattering and appeal to all body types so of course I had to have this one! It’s old, from the Limited, but the idea and concept can be found anywhere… still super popular. Don’t be afraid to go for the pieces with detail. Especially if you think it’s beautiful! Try it on! Remember that these pieces that are staples in your closet need to make you feel sexy and confident! This top (lower left) is another staple with embroidery details and cutouts. I usually can’t stand this type of shirt especially with it being linen (type A to the max)… BUT I put it on and fell in love. Now it’s one that I reach for all the time. It was a snag off the clearance rack at LOFT, but again… tops like this are everywhere. Don’t be afraid to try them! I’ll be adding new and unexpected style pieces in the shop soon…
I hope this helps explain my methodology when talking about closet staples… I choose things that fall into these categories sure!! But most importantly I choose things that make me feel comfortable, confident and sexy! Because when you feel good, you feel confident. Confidence is sexy! You know when your friends feel good, your significant other, your kids – we can tell! So the next time you know… SAY something! Tell that person… you’re workin’ it! You look great today! Give them the confidence to do it again tomorrow! Now, go take a look in your closet… a different look. What can I help you with?!
Be bold, be you and beYOUtiful!
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