St. Moriz Fast Tan


St. Moriz Fast Tanning Mousse, $9.99

To say I was excited to try this is an understatement. I have been on the hunt for a good self tanner for YEARS. Since skin cancer is so prevalent in our family I’ve worked hard to prevent sun damage to my skin… I wear an SPF daily and take special precautions when I’m in the sun for prolonged periods of time. I’m blonde and fair skinned… you’d think I would burn, but I don’t really… which can be even more dangerous. So long story short… I stick to a tan in a tube! TAN… not ORANGE!! Right?!

St. Moriz Fast Tanning Mousse!!!!! 

After extensive research of current products on the market, I decided that this one not only fit into my budget but reviews also boasted a rich glow! A few reviews did mention streaking or uneven spread, but I read recommendations on the St. Moriz website suggesting a mitt for application… just wait…


Application Mitt, $6.69

I’ve decided tonight that I have applied EVERY self tanner the wrong way. This mitt was a #gamechanger. If you think about it… most come in a lotion or a mousse and it’s just impossible to get it evenly distributed while you’re also stressing that your fingers are going to look like carrots. For under $7 bucks it is a SCORE… it’s washable so you can reuse and really delivered the even, streak free tan I was looking for. So without even knowing what hue this mousse was going to develop into… I was celebrating the application! Get this adorable and affordable mitt HERE on Amazon, cheaper than at Ulta!

Now let’s dive into the tan application!


  1. Always exfoliate before you apply any self-tanner, get a spray tan or anything… this ensures the best possible application and will even help it last longer!
  2. Moisturize and let it dry… completely!
  3. Read and RE-READ directions before applying and snap a before shot!
  4. Using the mitt, I used two-three pumps at a time and blended it completely before heading to a new spot. I applied sparingly to areas like the tops of my hands, feet, joints and my face.
  5. I let it completely dry before getting dressed again and made sure to note the time so you can track it. This formula is meant to darken gradually over 3 hours… meaning you can leave it on for the full 3 hours if you desire a darker glow or rinse earlier for a medium tan.
  6. After it’s ‘cooked’ for the desired time you’ll need to rinse off with lukewarm water. I just hopped in the shower and skipped the soaps or body wash.
  7. You’re all set!

A few things I noticed:

This self tanner didn’t smell horrible as some do… total plus! Wasn’t sticky or slimy…

Doesn’t rub off! I was worried that since the foam was dark that it would rub off on my clothes and anything else I touched during the 3 hours…. it didn’t. The foam is a chocolate brown and you can immediately see color when applying. Came in handy!

Overall I definitely recommend St. Moriz Fast Tanning Mousse… don’t skip the mitt! Easy application, great color, quality product and wonderfully priced!

Let me know if you try it!!! Time to get #summerready!!




Update // Where From Here?!

I can’t hide the whirlwind that I’ve been working with lately…. Between managing/growing my business, the news of moving this summer, the boys schedules, beginning the design phase of our forever home and starting a journey into becoming landlords…. the past two weeks have been BUSY. I don’t think I would have even made it through if the boys hadn’t been such a big help… thank goodness. But over the last two weeks we’ve made some big progress…

pexels-photo-219249.jpegBiggest news is we’re celebrating the opportunity to keep our first home… Chris & I will venture into making this a long term investment and becoming landlords. Of course this was NOT an easy decision and we met with numerous professionals to make sure we knew what we were doing. And since we’re currently occupying the property it was a task to keep it show ready at a moments notice. We make plenty of memories here full time. Not everyone appreciates the ‘lived in’ look of laundry, dishes from all the cooking I do and the clutter the boys leave strewn all over the house – top to bottom. Finding a photographer, legal consult… finishing all those unfinished projects, just everything at once. Of course doing all this with Chris here and there! But we made it… we had a good amount of interest and think that we’ve made a good decision with the tenants we chose.

Firming up what’s going to happen with the house has allowed for us to make plans though our transition and I couldn’t be more excited about how things will pan out. We’ll turn over our current home in April and move into temporary accommodations until the summer so that the boys can finish out the school year here. It gives me time to sort through what we’ll be taking, selling, organize things… the usual moving prep we all do when it’s ‘that time’. Which I have to say I’ve learned some tricks along the way for sure… some I’ll share because everyone moves and we do what we can to make it as efficient as possible!!

Finally… When the boys are out of school… we’re heading to UAE to spend the summer!!!! Homecoming in REVERSE!!

All the chaos and crazy from the past few weeks… We had one MAIN goal that of course included a lot of moving parts but the goal was to gift the boys a summer abroad. A summer they’re going to remember for the rest of their lives. Reconnecting as a family with Chris and just making memories and celebrating making it through the last year in ONE piece! I can’t wait to share with you our plans as we make them and bring you along as we experience and learn all we can this summer! Look for the Planning a Summer Abroad series as we start to prepare all the moving parts!

Where do we go from here?! 

As I talked about this morning in my video I’m going to continue running my blog and The Chic Little Shop but I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to take my business to a whole new level… broaden the spectrum and bring more to my customers and my followers. My ultimate goal is to help empower and inspire women to live their best life as the best version of themselves confidently! This includes many of my passions… beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, relationships and day-to-day life as a mother and a wife.

I relaunched my business with the intention of focusing on clothing alone and still wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of so much more. If you know me, you know that I am NEVER short on words and always have something to talk about… so putting myself into a box just isn’t for me. If labels are important here, just think of my blog/shop as a place where I share various inspirations in hopes to make your life easier.

I’ll still bring various apparel and accessories into the shop, but I’ll also be promoting some of my favorite shops and companies some of which I’m affiliated with and some I’m not… I’ll make sure you know which is which!

I am so excited about the direction my business is going and how it’s overall just growing and blossoming into something I’ve dreamed about for years. I feel like I can finally see a glimpse of what it could become with more hard work, dedication and of course learning all I can along the way. There is SO much to learn and technology is always changing, social media is constantly changing and evolving. The industries are nearly impossible to keep up with and it will be a huge task to stay on top of everything that I plan to share and bring to the community. But I’m more than up for the challenge and already this journey has been so rewarding in so many ways. I’m so thankful!

ACS_0097 2

//Casual Look of the Day//

(In order of Application)
MAC Cosmetics Prime+Prep Fix+, $26 at
e.l.f Cosmetics Poreless Face Primer, $5.79 at*
Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation Stick in Light, $34 (ON SALE) at
Younique Mineral Touch Concealer in Scarlett, $29 – Indep. Retailer
Touch Translucent Setting Powder, $39 at – Indep. Retailer
Photo Filter Foundation Powder in 1 (Natural Vanilla), $42 at
Customizable Eye Shadow Palette w/ 4 Colors, $32 at
-Colors used: Woodwinked, Honey Lust and Shroom
Better Than Sex Mascara, $23 at (Enjoy 20% Off w/link)*
Contour Kit w/ 6 Shades, $18 at (Comes with Free Gift)
Professional Eyebrow Powder Pencil in Grey, $6.69 at*
e.l.f Cosmetics Brushes (Starter Kit), $20 at*

*Affiliate Brands

Top: (older), similar always available – LOVE plaid/flannel!

Mug: Petal Palette Monogram Mug, $10 at



casual FriYAY

Outfit, Casual Style, Jeans, Boots Of course it’s Friday, I usually do all my running around on Fridays… it feels good to get out of the house! Today I needed to run to Nordstrom and I knew I’d be trying on clothes… primarily bridesmaids dresses! I’m in a very special wedding this April and I ordered a dress but think I’m changing my mind on style. I keep going back to try on another! Lol! That’s another story for another day…

A little about me… I HATE trying on clothes. I love getting dressed don’t get me wrong, but trying on clothes in a dressing room under those horrible fluorescent lights is the worst! But when I go I like to wear my hair straight, because I end up putting it a top knot. Lol! I also like to go feeling fabulous!!! Because confidence Kate is sexy! If I’m feeling grumpy or wearing sweats I leave not liking anything… having a fresh face and feeling good makes a world of difference!

Outfit, look, style, fashion, jeans, ootd, casual styleToday I wanted to wear a new fave that I got in for the shop, this surprise top!! It’s the most gorgeous navy and has little sweet red polka dots!! Adorable! It’s back in stock HERE and just $32! Sizes S-3XL!!

My jeans are from American Eagle which is a go to for me because they have stretch and fit my ‘mom bod’… hugs the curves I’ve got to flaunt and smoothes the rest! Which is perfect! I love skinny jeans, distressed jeans and they always have a great mix of colors. Today I chose white because… why not?! It looked great with the navy blue! And I’m SO ready for spring…

Outfit, fun, style, blog, casual style, American styleMy boots, I love these… they’re Lucky Brand and from a while ago. But I did find similar and linked them above! They’re also adorable and I love the detail!

My bag is by Anya Hindmarch and her bags are not only quality but the Eyes Collection adds fun personality! I found her on Rent the Runway and I’m so glad! The leather is remarkable! Thank you Rent the Runway! I am loving my Unlimited monthly membership and it is an awesome way to add fun fashionable pieces to your closet! Sometimes even trying things I would have never otherwise tried and surprisingly falling in LOVE! So you even have the option to buy! YES!

I’m trying to decide what to wear this weekend… Of course it’s FREEZING again in Virginia and rain. BLAH. Anyone else ready for winter to be over?! C’mon… Spring!! Anyway! Hope you enjoyed todays outfit of the day! It was incredibly… almost comically windy while I was trying to take these photos. 10min prior I was driving through rain and snow… crazy weather. LOL!



everyday face


I love wearing make-up but I have to admit I’m super picky! Especially with my everyday look… I’m usually getting ready in rush and sometimes I even get ready on the go so I need to use minimal product. So these products are my everyday need to succeed. They’ll all fit in a small pouch, they’re easily applied and I can achieve my desired look quickly!

So what is the everyday look? I try to wear a neutral eye, something that’s going to accentuate my natural features without looking too extra! A look that is more simple and fresh faced. My day to day is usually jam packed so I look for products that keep my naturally oily t-zone matte without looking cake-y! <– this is SO hard to achieve especially in the summer! So when I find products that help me achieve this… I obviously hold on TIGHT!

Let’s get to it!

First, I just prepped my face this morning by washing it with just a few drops Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap ($10) on a facial sponge.

Now hydrate! I use Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 (under $20). It’s light and isn’t greasy at all so of course it’s perfect to wear prior to applying makeup! It lasts me about a month or so too. Inexpensive enough to still be quality moisturizer in my opinion! I wear it day or night!

Then I prep my face for makeup application with Prep+Prime from MAC Cosmetics ($26 or $12 for Travel Size). I have talked about this before and sometimes I call it Fix+ which it’s also called. I love using it before makeup AND after. It’s a great primer for that dewey yet matte finish. I just feel like my products look better when I prep with it too, any product! You can find it at Nordstrom or any MAC Cosmetics store. Just a few sprays all over and let air dry a few seconds before you get started.

Foundation! I’m currently in love with liquid or stick foundations because my skin is SO dry right now. Today I’m using the Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation Stick ($40) in ‘Light’. It is heavy enough for a good coverage and to give me some moisture but not so heavy on my face that you can see it. I received it in a PR package from Wander Beauty last week and I just couldn’t believe how much I love the long lasting wear. At the end of the day it was still matte and looked fresh. I also did a full review of a few other products HERE. I apply foundation with an e.l.f cosmetics foundation brush. I prefer using brushes because they don’t soak up as much makeup as say a beauty blender and the finish is more flawless. I noticed I was going through SO much liquid foundation when I was using a beauty blender! You can get a starter kit of these inexpensive brushes online or at Target! Blend, blend, BLEND! Paying special attention to your jawline and around your hairline… forgetting these spots isn’t good!

Once I have blended my foundation I like to brighten my eyes. Just below my lower lashes I have very noticeable under-eye circles. I apply a SMALL amount of concealer onto an e.l.f concealer brush and create a small triangle from the inside corner of my eye, down the bridge of my nose and then up to the outer corner of my eye. I do this on both sides and then blend with my foundation brush. Today I used Younique Mineral Touch Skin Perfecting concealer ($29). Shout out to my girl Mishae, she’ll take care of you! I also love MAC Cosmetics Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer ($21) I use NW15! Blending again us your secret here! The more you blend, the more natural the finish!

Powder is next! If I’m not using foundation I like to use a powder foundation. So since we started with foundation we’re going to use just a simple pressed powder. I love Younique’s Mineral Pressed Powder ($32)… a wispy dusting of this and I have an all day matte finish that’s even and clean. Looking at the website, it’s also considered a ‘powder foundation’… oops. But it’s obviously so light that I couldn’t tell! HA! Perfect!

I also used a bronzer next to do a little natural contouring. I used Younique Beachfront Bronzer in Sunset ($32). When we apply foundation or powder to our face I feel like we lose that natural line that falls just under the cheekbone.This little trick slims your face and adds dimension so it’s perfect for especially oval or round face like mine. To do this, take a bronzer brush (shorter more controlled bristles) with just a little bronzer and pucker your lips. Just below your now more visible cheekbone apply the bronzer back and forth along this line. Afterwards I used THIS ($6) kabuki brush to blend!

We’re ready for eyes! ACS_0063

I love MAC Pro Palette Pans ($8 for pan, $6 per color). I can create looks and keep them together. These colors I’m using today are CONCRETE, HONEY LUST, GOLDMINE and SHROOM. I used concrete on the outer corner using a 224S MAC tapered blending brush, honey lust to blend over to the inner corner and goldmine in the center of my lid. Shroom I use to clean it all up. I blend it into the inner corner of my eye and just under my eyebrow as a highlighter. I use this color a LOT as it is the perfect highlighter without being too light or bright white!

Mascara is usually my Better than Sex by Too Faced ($13)! I love how it lengthens my lashes and gives them volume without smearing or flaking throughout the day! I also love to add a drop of lavender oil when I break open a new one because that naturally helps to grow healthy lashes! Of course it smells yummy too!

Now for a matte pinky nude lip, I use MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Medium Rare ($21)! It’s perfect for everyday and I can even glam it up with gloss if I’d like to wear it more for date night! I spritz on a few more sprays of MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ before I dust a little setting powder under my eyes and on my t-zone! Ready to go!

ACS_0064I love wearing these colors and this look with just about anything other than black. It’s just a more natural, easy and quick look for everyday! I hope this answered a few of the questions I received!! I love getting questions, thank you!!

Now go try something new with your makeup! Ha! Or maybe even branch out to one of the products I mentioned above! Remember I’m super picky so I don’t suggest anything that I haven’t personally fallen in love with first! Let me know what you think!!



Wander Beauty Haul

I had the pleasure of testing out some new products from Wander Beauty and if you follow me on Instagram, you saw me try them in my stories! So FUN! As I said this morning, I wanted to wear them all day before I reviewed so I can tell you how they fared during my chaotic Monday! So here we go:
About Wander Beauty: I love that they are cruelty free! And their products are free of paraben, phthlates, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances!
Taking it out of the package, I was a little worried because it looked thick or heavy. It had no strong fragrance… maybe just a little coconutty… which duh. That’s a win!!
Putting it on I realized that a little was going to go a long way so I focused on specific areas and used a blending brush to smooth it evenly over my face. I used no other concealer or liquid foundation.
It comes in a tube, which I thought was so cute. Functional also because you know you’re getting good coverage onto the brush, even when you’re running low!! I was skeptical especially when it came to the mascara because I LOVE my mascara…. BUT this one did the trick! My lashes looked great with even one coat.
For me the true test though is that late afternoon mirror check…. how much of it has migrated down onto my skin giving me a nice smudged up dark circle?! To my surprise… I haven’t had any issue with smudging or flaking today! Even out and about in the rain!!
Lastly we tried out the Lipsetter Dual Lipstick and Liner $28
The color I was sent was beautiful, Bahama Breeze! However if I were to pick… I’d try In the Mauve or Bold in Beijing! Just going by my skin tone! I’m so fair and have gold undertones… nudes tend to wash me out.
Other than the color missing the mark for me personally… the product itself has been amazing! I reapplied only once today and that’s it! The color even grew on me after I added a little bronzer!
IMG_1968.JPGIt’s well past the end of the day and I’m still rocking a matte finish, still no mascara faux bags under my eyes…. I feel good too! It doesn’t feel caked on or like it’s melting off! You know what I’m talking about! LOL! I am really enjoying it and looking forward to using Wander products again tomorrow! I think you should most definitely give them a try yourself!! Check them out and let me know what you think!!
All products are linked above!!
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