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I had the pleasure of testing out some new products from Wander Beauty and if you follow me on Instagram, you saw me try them in my stories! So FUN! As I said this morning, I wanted to wear them all day before I reviewed so I can tell you how they fared during my chaotic Monday! So here we go:
About Wander Beauty: I love that they are cruelty free! And their products are free of paraben, phthlates, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances!
Taking it out of the package, I was a little worried because it looked thick or heavy. It had no strong fragrance… maybe just a little coconutty… which duh. That’s a win!!
Putting it on I realized that a little was going to go a long way so I focused on specific areas and used a blending brush to smooth it evenly over my face. I used no other concealer or liquid foundation.
It comes in a tube, which I thought was so cute. Functional also because you know you’re getting good coverage onto the brush, even when you’re running low!! I was skeptical especially when it came to the mascara because I LOVE my mascara…. BUT this one did the trick! My lashes looked great with even one coat.
For me the true test though is that late afternoon mirror check…. how much of it has migrated down onto my skin giving me a nice smudged up dark circle?! To my surprise… I haven’t had any issue with smudging or flaking today! Even out and about in the rain!!
Lastly we tried out the Lipsetter Dual Lipstick and Liner $28
The color I was sent was beautiful, Bahama Breeze! However if I were to pick… I’d try In the Mauve or Bold in Beijing! Just going by my skin tone! I’m so fair and have gold undertones… nudes tend to wash me out.
Other than the color missing the mark for me personally… the product itself has been amazing! I reapplied only once today and that’s it! The color even grew on me after I added a little bronzer!
IMG_1968.JPGIt’s well past the end of the day and I’m still rocking a matte finish, still no mascara faux bags under my eyes…. I feel good too! It doesn’t feel caked on or like it’s melting off! You know what I’m talking about! LOL! I am really enjoying it and looking forward to using Wander products again tomorrow! I think you should most definitely give them a try yourself!! Check them out and let me know what you think!!
All products are linked above!!
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Products I Use

I’ve received a TON of requests to review more of the products I love and of course, I have a ton. I either love a product or I am constantly on the hunt for one that I do! I’m also pretty strict in my review as I personally would like something to do what it’s supposed to… i.e. work miracles – then give me a miracle. HA!
So while I received requests to blog about things I love… nobody specifically mentioned what they’d like. So I’m winging it… here are a few RANDOM products I love!
PERFECT for dry/combination skin. Especially during these harsh winter months… hydrates and smooths without being heavy or leaving an oily finish. Gives your skin that dewy, fresh and vibrant look! The package looks small, but I promise a little bit goes a long way making it more economical than it seems! Try it!

71HU-3NkUpL._SX522_Ardell Magnetic Lashes $13

Oh My LANTA. I was so nervous about these after mixed reviews. But on a whim I wanted to try them anyway and I’m in love. I recommend the demi wispies if you’re looking for more natural looking lashes. It took me a few tries to get the lash line just perfect, but once I got it down I knew these would be a go-to in my make-up bag! Great statement lashes available also!
My favorite brushes! I’ve splurged on expensive brushes before but I always go back to these. They have a ton of different brushes that you can buy or buy in a kit if you’re buying more than one! My favorite thing about these is that they are inexpensive and yet they do not sacrifice quality. I can wash these brushes, they travel well… they really last! And affordable to replace when it’s time! If you’ve never checked out e.l.f. Cosmetics… take a look! Free Shipping over $25 and also a free gift if you use code BLUSH at checkout!
My girlfriend Vasan turned me onto this stuff like idk 12 years ago and it’s so good… it’s always in my beauty bag! Good for things like keeping your make-up on your face and off of everyone else’s shoulder… or melting off your face when it’s hot! It has three new amazing scents but still the magic formula is the same! This formula is amazing for all skin types, even oily skin like mine! I can use before or after applying my make-up to enjoy a dewy yet matte finish that is long lasting! I love it so much! I’ve used other dupes… but honestly… I haven’t found one that I like as much as this one!
I love Castile Soap… I’ve been using it on my face for about six months now and feel comfortable reviewing it! I’ve tried MANY things on my face… I have oily skin in my t-zone and dry skin everywhere else… nothing has been worth telling anyone about. But this! I picked up a travel size bottle at Target one day just because I loved how it smelled and I fell in love. Finally something that not only easily removes make-up, but it also has been wonderful for overall skin tone, acne and oily vs. dry skin. I’m in LOVE! Just a few drops on your finger tips is literally all you need. I can use the travel bottles for over a month! Those are just a couple of bucks at Target. But also, once or twice a week I use a sponge on my face for a more exfoliating wash. Great for that too!
I try to go with products that go with some of the questions that I get on Instagram either from my stories or posts… So if there’s anything specific you see me using or have questions about – just ask! 🙂
Look for a some hair tips and how-to’s this week! I’m working up the courage for a new post to answer some of the questions I get about when I curl my hair! Looking forward to giving it a try… this should be just as comical as informative. HA!

Products I Use

It’s snowing, they’re calling for 6-10 inches for us in VA Beach! Which I can’t deny I’m so excited I can’t stand it… But let’s be real – winter KILLS my hair, skin AND sometimes my sanity. SO I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things! Here’s a quick list of some things I’ll enjoy while we’re snowed in!
1. Mug Vibes I have a SERIOUS… addiction to coffee mugs. Just you wait. But I especially love ones that set a specific mantra for my day. Sometimes that mantra is going to be uplifting and powerful, somedays it may be whimsical or a quote and other days it’s going to be witty and promote big smiles. This ‘don’t kill my vibes’ is a little older… but they’ve always got adorable ones at the killer price of $6.99! You know what that means…. it means a lot of mugs!
2. Tea me Please I love just about all tea, but this new ‘hug in a mug’ from Lipton is just that. It’s so flavorful with hints of lavender and chamomile of course, but also CINNAMON! Which sometimes when I’m enjoying a glass I think of it as a swift kick in the right direction. It’s perfect for your new MUG and winding down from what I’m sure has been a crazy day!
3. Clean Crisp Air I have the nose of a blood hound! I’m a mom with two active (ahem… smelly) growing boys and a fur baby! It’s nearly impossible to keep the house smelling fresh no matter HOW clean you keep it! When we’re stuck inside for a few days I like to put a little fragrance in my Rainbow System! Then it’s not just purifying the air but also making it smell amazing! I love getting these 4 packs too so I can change it up!
4. Best Self Co. With the winter weather keeping it messy outside, I’ll have no excuse to not be productive inside… right?! Easier said than done, but I love this journal. Not only is it about goals and growth but it’s about YOU and how you FEEL. I know looking back on 2018 is going to be more rewarding and more detailed using the journaling technique this sleek portable book teaches. It’s so wonderful to also take a few moments and THINK during the day. Talk about living with a purpose! I’ll be working on my goals tonight!
5. Relax and Unwind The whole line of aromatherapy products that Bath and Body Works released is amazing! The relaunch included some of my favorites, but also some new fragrances that I just love! All are infused with quality essential oils you can enjoy and are complimented with other products you’ll enjoy such as lotions or topical oils! You’ll see these products a lot from me…
6. Cuticle Care Winter does a number on my hands in general… but I can’t stand pesky hang nails or dry skin on my fingers. This cuticle cream not only smells amazing, but it’s one of the best products I’ve ever used on my hands. I love it! It keeps my hands soft and helps to maintain the look of a fresh manicure!
7. Oatmeal Bath I’m currently FREEZING as I finish this up and I cannot wait to go sink into this Oatmeal Bath. One of the best methods of getting rid of dry and itchy winter skin! I can’t tell if it’s the frigid weather outside or if it is the dry heat inside taking a toll on my skin! Probably both, but I always feel better after soaking in this with a glass of wine… and don’t forget to bring your aromatherapy candle!
8. Dry, Static Hair Of course if your skin is having trouble, your hair is not far behind! This Biosilk Shine On spray smells so good and I use it mainly in the winter to keep my hair from turning into a ‘knot’ so fun, dry, static-y MESS! It happens to everyone which is why amazing products like these are PERFECT for this time of year!
I mainly linked from Amazon as some of these products, like the aromatherapy candles, are actually a little cheaper on Amazon (direct from the store) rather than ordering through the retailer sites. Plus I’m a sucker for anything I can order and have it show up on my doorstep in just a couple of days (or hours) for free!!!
Check em’ out! Tell me what you think!
What are some items YOU can’t live without during the cold, dry winter months??
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Products I Use

Oh, photo days! I love them SO much because I get to put outfits together and play dress up… just about all day! HA! #dreamjob!
But on these days or any other day when I’m getting ready there’s a few products that are my GO TO! I’m picky about everything I use and want it to do what it’s supposed to! Let’s dive in!



Let’s talk about hair… I am in love with Function of Beauty. You take a quick quiz about your hair type, problems you may have and also your personal hair goals. You pick the color or dye free, the fragrance if any… The product is quality, affordable and I love that it comes suited in a bottle with my name on it! You can also choose to get a larger shampoo or a larger conditioner if you use one specifically more than the other! Get started here for $5 off. Sets start around $36.
DSC04154_grandeWhile blondes may have more fun… they’re also a lot of work! Unfortunately to keep that white beautiful blonde color you need a little help. When I’m feeling a little brassy or too yellow I love oVertone conditioners. They get me right back to the color I love without damaging my locks. I couldn’t believe the color correction that I was able to achieve from just a conditioning! You can also play with super vibrant and fun colors too! Check out their $5 sample sizes to find the colors best for you here!
2500743I get a ton of questions about my hair and how I curl it. I am way to uncoordinated to use a regular curling iron… props to those who can, but it’s not me. I’ve had many wands and the key is getting the right diameter. Smaller barrel – tighter curl, bigger barrel – big waves! I stick with 1′ 1/4-3/4” myself so that I can make them look more finished or have a loose beach wave. This is a good one and a steal at $69! Get it here!
2286731After I’ve curled and have the perfect waves going… I finish it off with Matrix Texture Builder. It gives light volume and smells absolutely incredible. Seriously I love the fragrance. Usually it gets mistaken as perfume, but it’s always a hit! I love it! A few light sprays and finishing touches and we’re done! Snag it for $18 at Ulta Beauty!


US-31401-01_0I love a good mineral powder foundation. But I could never find one that provided a good coverage and still felt light on my face… until this one. Younique has great products and they tell you exactly what is in them and why. I love knowing what I’m getting into! This duo set is a great deal at $60 and can be found here!
IMG_0214.JPGI love my lashes, they’re long and have a good curl – but they’re blonde. So when I’m looking for mascara I’m looking for a dark, thick mascara that gives them life! But please, spare me the goopy and flaky mess of some of the others. Better than Sex is a fabulous mascara! *Mine says Love because I bought it in Dubai. Affordable and amazing get it here for $24!
Hope this is useful and you give these awesome products a try! I’ll do these periodically and will also share when I try things for the first time!
Merry Christmas!
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