DSC08943bI’m Kate, the author behind this blog. Just a t h i r t y something southern momma and proud military wife. I love fashion, beauty, home decor and of course talking about it…. My favorite colors are black, white, pink and gold… glitter too, if that’s a color. But let’s be real… anything shiny, symmetrical or aesthetically pleasing is going to get my attention! I live on a strict diet of coffee, champagne and whatever quick I can eat standing up or on the run. My guys, all three – Chris (my hubs), CJ (13) and Nate (11), are my everything and they’re busy! Hence the self proclaimed title… ‘chaos coordinator’. I love to travel with my family making memories and learning all we can about the world.

Welcome to beauty and fashion reviews, outfit inspiration, travel, life and the occasional vent or rant that I hope at least inspires a chuckle because life is better laughing…


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