slow(er) pace in paradise

Have you ever run a half or a full marathon? I feel like that’s the closest thing that I can compare the last year to from start to finish. Preparation began far before the race did, there were plenty of times when it felt too hard and it was scary to finish. But the equivalent to crossing the finish line was the second we landed in Dubai. We’ve spent the last few weeks enjoying every second we can together and what a better place to do it then here in the UAE.

I had every intention of blogging/vlogging every second of this trip, outfits and I have PR packages to promote but to be quite honest – I am in no hurry and not bound to my phone. I decided to be completely selfish with my time here because what other time will I have a summer with VERY little work to do. We’re in a 2br/2ba flat apartment here in Abu Dhabi with a kitchen and living room which is perfect. Plenty of space its just gorgeous… the boys and I sleep in when Chris has to work, we wake up to breakfast every morning and enjoy a hot dinner 5 nights a week before bed. I cook a little here and there and of course there’s laundry… but that’s the extent of the chores. We are in the phase of slowing down and only have the desire to reconnect and see all that we can!

After what has felt like complete and total chaos of months of moving and everything that went along with it… life and the complexity of it, we deserve this time to relax. Honestly at first it felt incredibly overwhelming to have so much time to go sightseeing and chill. Like when you first stop running after a long race and your body still wants to keep going, your heart is about to beat out of your chest and you crash. But after a little time, the anxiousness left and I’ve begun to enjoy the calm.


It’s felt like a second honeymoon… Chris has been absolutely amazing and it feels so good to be together again. He’s so sweet and the boys are really enjoying their daddy too. Hearing them say things like ‘hey daddy’ or ‘hey dad, let’s…’ it just melts my heart, they missed him so much. With his thoughtful surprises and enormous heart he sweeps me of my feet everyday, just being with him feels like home… we could be anywhere.


When we can, we fit in everything from our bucket list of things we want to do and to see here. I forget that the boys are professional travelers themselves and I love their willingness to learn everything they can while we’re here. On a normal day that we’re not out and about, we have a variety of pools and nearby beaches to choose from. It has averaged well over 100° everyday but it feels no different than the muggy Georgia heat that we left. The ocean is super warm and the pools are perfectly cool…

UAE works hard to make everything beautiful, luxurious and enjoyable. Here you can find just about anything you could ever want… it’s the supreme oasis in the middle of the Arabian desert. As we have about 3/4 weeks left here we’ll continue to travel and explore and I’ll try to get a little better about sharing our experiences, at least on IG (@mrskatewest). At the very least I’ll begin blogging about our travel and some tips after we get back home. I’ve received a lot of questions and messages about recommendations and such that I’d like to combine into specific posts. Comment or DM me if you have specifics!


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