Traveling Gypsies

Over the last 8 weeks I’ve been absent from this and I’ve loved every second.

In the last (crazy AF) few months I’ve spent time with my family, friends and spent time in my life where it matters most… home. Home means something special to me because it’s where my family is, wherever that is. For the past year we’ve had two households spread across thousands of miles and as hard as it’s been…. we survived it.

And since that wasn’t enough of a roller coaster, we also moved!! We’ve bounced around so much over the last few months while moving I can’t even tell you where half our clothes are, shoes or the damn TV remote. Our household is a wreck with 15k lbs of household strewn about our new casa de chaos and I don’t give a shit! Our bags are packed and we can’t wait until August to be all in one spot again. The boys and I will spend the summer with Chris in DUBAI and come home all together in August. There will be plenty of time to get settled in at the new place… but for now we’re continuing the gypsy life. #livingourbestlife

I’ve lived in a flannel button up for months… our diet has been absolutely horrible… but we are seriously blessed to know such wonderful and amazing people that truly made this transition something wonderful. I’ve survived with barely brushed hair thrown into a messy top knot (ruined my hair), broke ALL my nails and been there for my babies like a fierce mother bear. We spent time with those we love and grew our ‘framily’ by about a dozen of absolute bad asses. I’ve learned SO about myself… and grown SO much over the last year as a person and as a mother and I cannot tell you enough how much weight and value I now see in the present. Spend time in the present… be present… I mean I do not regret for one second being absent these last few months. Sure I’m WAY behind on PR and packages, photos and so far out of the loops… but the memories that I’ve made (YAAAASSS) and making it through the season unscathed… priceless.

SURE… there’s been PLENTY to write about or share! I just hope you understand my absence and follow our spectacular summer as I share memories and special moments with my family as well as recommendations for anyone planning to visit UAE (because you SHOULD)!!! Join and celebrate with us as we do a homecoming in ‘reverse’…

Baby we’ve waited long enough, we’re coming to YOU.


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