This or That!

Let’s talk about this or that!

Sometimes I find things that I absolutely LOVE! But maybe they’re out of my budget or more than I’m looking to spend on a specific item. I love taking that opportunity to search and see what’s out there. Especially if an item is on trend for the season, chances are that many are making variations of certain pieces!

This jacket is a perfect example! While shopping at Talbots with my mom I spotted this jacket and LOVED the pom-pom detail with the lightweight versatility of the jacket! BUT I was not loving the price tag to say the least! Just a little research and I found a fantastic dupe for WAY cheaper!

The same is going to go for these ADORABLE shoes!!! I love wedges like this in the summer because the platform heel makes them so comfortable to walk-in yet I have the height of a stiletto! These are SO similar and both adorable! I even love the scalloped edge on the Steve Madden’s a little better, just a cute little touch! Obviously the color is different, but out of what I found I liked these two the best!

Also linking below some of my FAVORITE items that are currently on sale right now! You can click the thumbnails on the photo below and it’s going to take you directly to the sites offering the deals. I personally love getting these alerts and of course I’ll always share them here!

So what do you think?! Do you love a good dupe or what?? I know there are always going to be certain situations where the dupe doesn’t stand up to the original but sometimes it’s totally worth giving it a shot right?? Let me know what you think!

In the comments leave me a few brands you love to try to snag on sale!


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