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Eh, make-up less this morning… a true #iwokeuplikethis. Even the messy mane… but it’s for good reason. I want to talk about my skin and how happy I am with it right now. Full disclosure that I still have areas to work on like my under eye circles and my pores still have a ways to go – BUT… progress has been amazing!

Julep – I am SO excited about these products and for a few reasons, starting with the fact that ingredients list did N O T scare me! I hate it when I buy products and have zero clue how to decipher the ingredients list. You know what I’m talking about…. the list of ingredients that you can’t even begin to pronounce! Usually those long and intimidating ingredient lists boast a strong chemical scent too. Some strong enough to even burn your eyes! Not for me! This has been a big part of why I’m drawn to this newly found Korean Skincare brand!

Let’s just dive right in…

Let me tell you first about one of my favorites so far… it really does feel like ‘What My Skin Needs’, so it’s name is fitting of course! It’s described as a restorative skin milk and feels absolutely fabulous when I apply it. But what’s in it?!

Key Ingredients:

Jojoba Oil heals skin and locks in hydration.
Argan Oil repairs and replenishes skin with essential fatty acids.
Coconut Oil calms skin with natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Olive Oil keeps skin soft and supple.
Squalane (plant derived) absorbs rapidly and helps skin soak up the entire oil blend.

Full Ingredient List:


Literally the only thing here that I needed to look up was caprylic/capric triglyceride it’s derived from coconut oil and glycerine. Commonly found in beauty products.

My skin is more oily than dry and I’ve always thought that it would not even be possible for me to use oils because they’d make my skin, especially my t-zone even more oily! Which has been such a struggle because I love using oils! So as I researched more and more about the products and the misconception with oils making you oily… of course after reading the benefits I had to try them out for myself. I am FIRST to admit that I’ll try anything and I’m always on the look for what works for me and when I find things that work, that sets the standard! Anything else then has to exceed the current expectation.

I’ll share my expectation for Julep or specifically what I am currently looking for: I need a skincare routine that is hydrating but not too oily. I’m looking for exfoliation that doesn’t damage my skin. I really want to reduce the appearance of pores while not further irritating my extremely sensitive skin. I do not want a product packed with more chemicals than your run of the mill paint thinner either…. seriously some products are just scary. I want it to smell nice, feel great on my skin and provide results!

So far, after weeks of use – twice daily… I am completely shook. I noticed results pretty much IMMEDIATELY to be honest. The little cute kaolin clay konjac sponge is seriously AHHH MAZZE ING. I am already looking forward to using it again the second I’m done washing my face with it… I haven’t used the green tea or the charcoal versions yet, but I can’t wait!! Using this with the hydrating cleansing oil that not only cleanses my face but whisks away even my most stubborn make-up… it just blows my mind. I get SO annoyed when a cleanser cannot remove my make-up… because I am really not looking for a million steps. This product found me at the perfect time!

The ‘What Your Skin Needs’ facial milk freaked me out at first, let’s be honest… being a ‘milk’. But I was blown away by how amazing it felt on my skin and as I said before, it’s now a favorite! It is not super heavy and absorbs quickly so it’s not even a problem using it before applying my make up. I mix it at night with a few drops of the ‘Boost Your Radiance’ rosehip seed facial oil, yes – me, oily girl is putting oils on my face. I know, I know! I also follow it with the ‘Night Shift’ facial mask… and when I wake up my skin feels smooth and refreshed!

Seriously in all honestly I’m amazed…. My skin has NEVER looked better and for the price?! Staappp. I bought this adorable starter kit at Ulta for $49 bucks!! I also got the ‘Love Your Bare Face’ detoxifying stick, the rosehip seed facial oil and the ‘With a Twist’ mascara which I’m not super loving… but I’m working with it! I just wish it provided more of a wow factor with volume! I have length I need the spunk!!

Ok, ok! So overall – seriously you need to give this Korean Skincare a chance! No gimmicks, no scary ingredients! I personally feel like trying out skincare and make-up is like shopping for shoes, you have to find something that really works for you! Your personal complexion and how your skin reacts could be a completely different story but when I say I’m L I V I N G for these right now… I am. I cannot believe how my skin is reacting to the oils… I was prepared to turn into an absolute grease monster, but no! Just dewey and a subtle glow, which I’m loving! I’ll include a no make-up selfie below!

The texture of my skin, my facial scaring, dryness, combination to oily skin and overall hydration has significantly improved! Even applying my make-up I notice that I’m using less and less product overall! I still have some areas I want to work on, but hey – I still have plenty of Julep products I have yet to try!

Thank you so much for the suggestion and keep them coming So happy with my latest product tests and it’s so good to find products that produce results!! I hope you’ll give these a try and remember that if you purchase from Ulta you can return it if you end up hating it!

Are you happy with your skincare?? What are you using? Let me know in the comments, tell me about your current routine!

Check out their full lines of make-up, skincare and even nails here or at your local Ulta.



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