Letting GO… Closet Revamp!

IMG_1389Does anyone else struggle with revamping your closet each season? Either we’re running out of room or running out of money… right?! The weather changes and just like that we need this or that, but making it happen is another issue. I have a suggestion for you this year… clean out your closet. I know sounds simple but I’m adding a twist, don’t just give it all away – SELL some of your higher quality, best condition pieces!! This will make some of your seasonal closet updates less painful on your wallet, make room for them in your closet AND keeps new and exciting pieces in your wardrobe!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about or run across something in my closet that I know I’m never going to wear again… and sometimes I just toss it into the donate pile. But before you know it, you’ve got to replace it with an updated similar item! I think that the key to a solid and reliable closet is one that you’re WEARING, full of clothes that frequent your body and are quality pieces! You don’t need a thousand piece wardrobe to do this… I’m currently on a mission to really downsize my closet and keep it a more manageable size. I want a few things to stay long term, but a lot of it I’ll let go after the season ends and transition new items in! SO excited!

So how am I selling them? On Poshmark, Mercari and Thread Up! It’s been easy, pretty darn successful and overall a good experience so far! I have a few items I’m thinking about offering through eBay, but I’ve never ventured there as a seller so I’m a little overwhelmed by the process so we’ll see! Most of my successes have been on Poshmark and Thread Up and it’s so easy to get started! I literally sat in my closet and started sorting through what I wanted to keep, sell or donate! After I had a substantial amount of items to sell I took pictures and posted! Easy day!

Now if you struggle with what to keep or part ways with I have a little trick that I do… Once a year I take my hangers and turn them around backwards… ALL backwards. It doesn’t take up a lot of time and doing so is a HUGE help in determining what you’re wearing! As you take items out of your closet to wear them (and actually do wear them.. not try on and put back), turn the hanger BACK around in the right direction. After a period of time, say 30 days or whatever you deem appropriate… if you haven’t worn something – do you need to keep it??

I’m a firm believer in not keeping things anymore just because I’m either trying to fit back into them or I haven’t had an occasion to wear them to yet. Usually when the time comes and I can fit into those pieces again or I have a special occasion come up, I want to shop for something NEW. The trends change, my eye for the specific style may have changed… do not hang on to something if you aren’t wearing it! Someone else can benefit from it being donated or selling it! Insert Elsa solo…. ‘Let it Goooooo!’.

Now if it hasn’t sold, either try another platform for sales or toss it. Just because it hasn’t sold does not mean that is a sign to keep it in your closet. This just could mean it’s not appealing to others either! HA! Or maybe you’ve got it priced too high… I price things smart in the beginning so that I have room to discount them further if they don’t fly off the racks. It’s been a pretty good method to my madness…

Now keep your money flowing into a special fund to UPDATE your closet… remember you’re letting this stuff go so you have extra funds to put back in there. Take a few days and plan your attack! What do you need? Where are you going to get the best deals?? Check out your favorite stores, websites and see if you can come up with a game plan! I like to look online first, seeing who has what and from there I decide which stores I want to shop in person. Sometimes I end up buying online anyway because they could be cheaper with coupon codes but I love to try on clothes before I buy!

When you shop, keep in mind the staples you already have and the pieces that you kept in your closet. Try to buy things that are going to compliment some of your favorites so that they don’t end up being a piece that you end up not wearing. Remember you want to make your closet more valuable to you, you want as many endless outfit opportunities as possible.. not more of the same pieces!

So get it going, get started and remember that your closet doesn’t have to be huge to be versatile and exciting! You can maintain a smaller and frequently evolving closet that keeps you excited and looking forward to getting dressed!!


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