nautical C H I C

28660761_10100526681245196_889159844903256064_oI shared some amazing finds from Loft last week and as I was planning out my own purchases, I had Spring/Summer style in mind! You guys know I am (trying…) shrinking my closet WAY down and to do so I need to make the most out of every piece. So nautical style to me isn’t prints with tropical flowers or anchor patterns… it’s color schemes and accessories!

When I think of nautical style I think navy blues, chambray materials, white linen, stripes and accessories made of fibrous straws or ropes. I love the casual feel and also enjoy the versatility because I can dress it all up if I want too! I mean I live at the beach but Spring to me means vacations, summer is coming… Tis’ the season for costal, casual comfort! So if you’ll notice almost all my latest finds speak to the coastal comfy vibes I’m after! So let’s talk about coastal!

28660778_10100526682362956_4874627807528878080_oToday I just HAD to wear these ridiculously adorable tennies…. I found them at my local Marshalls this weekend and they were an absolute steal at just $20! And if you want them… I’ve scoured the internet and I CANNOT find them online! You’re supposed to be able to find anything online right?! They’re made by Nautica, called the Conaway Knot/Chambray Stripe. So if you want them… GO to Marshall’s like, now!

Since they were the ‘anchor’ to my outfit today, I started thinking what I wanted to wear with them and of course – white jeans!! These are some of my absolute favorites because they’re stretchy and super washable… which is important with anything white! They’re also on SALE right now, 40% off! Shop them here for just $29.97! That’s a great price for an awesome pair of jeans!

It was SO cold out today… but I didn’t let that keep me from wearing what I wanted, I just had to wear a jacket. This one’s a favorite from H&M! I’ve had it forever but I found one I actually like even better!! HERE! It’s longer too and would have came in handy today while I was running around in this blustery weather!! I stuck with grey because it went with my bag and I think it kept the coastal vibes but you also could have went with a pink or even bright white! But a jacket was a MUST today!

Underneath that essential layer I was wearing my favorite top right now… it’s a navy cold shoulder tee that I scored during the 40% off tops sale last week! I love this top… Maybe a little too much?? But that’s ok… I really wanted to wear it today withOUT the jacket, but I’ll save that for the repeat when I bring out my sunhat and sandals!!


This top is now available in ALL sizes, that’s right… Loft realized the importance of carrying styles in sizes to fit all beautiful women in ALL shapes and sizes! So happy they made this much needed change! Find this one here for just $39.50! The sleeves have the cutest ruffle detail and honestly it’s my favorite part! This top isn’t your lightweight tee either, it holds its shape and you can see/feel the quality!

I’ve been excited to share the details about this outfit too because of the sales… especially these jeans. American Eagle denim has been a favorite for me always because of the fit. Because I really need petite jeans and they’re not always the easiest to find… AE’s aren’t petite either, but the fit is almost perfect. They have great stretch and just fit well. I’ve always loved their jeans. Usually I can catch them on sale too! I know the Loft sale on tops is over, but if you sign up for their emails you automatically get a coupon that you can use and it’s a GOOD coupon! Making these pieces not only budget friendly but valuable since they’re so versatile!

I’m just easing into spring and I have some adorable spring accessories on the way! I’m talking straw/tassel totes, a new swimsuit cover up and fun shoes! SO excited!

Afterthought: I had a few questions about my necklace today so I’m going to link it here too! Chris got it for me a few years ago while we were stationed in Japan and I love it!


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