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It’s no secret that I’m completely obsessed with THIS and the ability for me to get my hands on quality, high fashion pieces constantly throughout the month. Just this month already I’ve kept a tally and I’ve enjoyed the most gorgeous pieces, numerous outfit possibilities and gorgeous quality accessories that would have cost me….. $4,812 to buy.

The pieces I want to focus on today are the Trina Turk Denim Jamille Dress and the A.L.C Ari Top that I’ve ordered most recently… it’s almost 80°F today and all I can think about is being outside in the sunshine! So perfect for BOTH pieces here… you’ll see why!



the ‘haul’

IMG_3711First the Trina Turk Jamille Dress is a fantastic weight for the fabric. Usually when dresses are made out of a denim or a chambray I get frustrated with the wrinkles or the way they fall. This one however is the perfect blend of structure and quality. It’s also completely soft and not the slightest bit stiff or scratchy which also can be common with denim dresses. It’s made of Crosshatch Denim // 70% Tencel, 30% Linen.

Details is where it shines, we have double breast pockets and a button up collar that is flattering either way. The button up collar does sit low if you’re rocking a short torso like me, so it’s not going to be ideal if you are planning to wear with a belt accessory. It features two deep pockets on either hip that lay flat and you wont even know they are there from the front… they do not pucker or bunch. The pocket adds a casual detail that I love, almost farmer chic. Totally my style.

The length was flattering and even though I ideally would have purchased this dress in a petite size, it didn’t fall below my knee. Since I’m short (5’1”), I prefer to elongate my body by showing off a little leg. Keeping a dress hem above the knee, even just slightly, makes me appear taller and slimmer instead of cutting my body off. There’s always an exception to every rule in fashion… but I usually tend to stick to this one for sure.

Overall the dress was a WIN… I loved it and it would be perfect for just about anything that I see myself getting into this Spring. It’s versatile and super cute. If you’d like to check this baby out yourself, get started HERE or shop it retail for $228.

IMG_3709This A.L.C Top is made of the softest silk and I love the way it feels. So light and with a great silhouette, the printed silk features the most beautiful little flowers. So SPRING. I usually do not go for the tops with a ruffle around the bust because they create a more voluptuous illusion, but like I’ve said before I’m not going to NOT get something I love. I was pleasantly surprised that it has adjustable straps that were a little wider, more quality straps instead of the usual. This really was a super comfortable top and felt light as a feather to the point that I almost felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. This would be the perfect top for a summer concert, festival or something where you wanted to stay cool and maybe get a little sun!

It comes with a pricey tag though, at $275 it would be out of my reach for a spaghetti strap tank top. I can attest to the quality of the fabrics and the design of the overall top, it is however out of my price range for this type of piece. So yes, I’ll be snagging it again for a routine delivery. Being silk it’s also something that you’ll want to make sure that you have dry cleaned ONLY. No matter what, this flirty feminine top will remain in my back pocket ready to go on date night!

I loved this haul from RTR! Thanks to my stylist who always is helpful in answering my questions and getting back to me as quick as she can to help me make the best decisions for each and every look.

Let me know what you think about this look and if you decide to start taking advantage of this amazing program! Remember in times like these, a few staple pieces or outfits for special occasions can allow you to get by until you’re at a comfortable weight or back into your normal clothing! They even have maternity options! Where was this when I was pregnant!!?

Enjoy $30 off when you use THIS link! Hey, I get $30 too! Win/Win!! #teamwork



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