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I’ve currently lost 23lbs and probably 15lbs since this photo was taken… I’m struggling with my current closet. Just this week alone… the scale has pretty much stayed the same, but my body has changed so dramatically that I can wear things I couldn’t even get over my knees in November. I have gone from a solid 12/14 to an 8/10 and in my last business venture… I got rid of a HUGE portion of my own personal wardrobe. I kept quite a bit of my wear to work clothes, but got rid of most everything else. Now I’m here, struggling with my closet.

I can’t say that I’m not ecstatic about running out of things to wear… but it’s an issue when you’re business is centered around fashion and your wardrobe! HA! One HUGE help has been utilizing my connection to Rent the Runway! I enjoy the Unlimited membership which allows me to always have 4 pieces out and rotate them as much as I’d like during the month! I can have coats, tops, bottoms and jewelry… I can have bags or sunglasses or even evening gowns. They have so much to choose from and it’s getting me back to my old self… just trying things that I love. I try order what I like… regardless of if I think it’s going to fit or look good on me. If I like it…. I order it.

ACS_0107Recently I ordered a denim dress from Trina Turk, she has amazing style and I just loved this Denim Jamille dress. Sadly the largest size available was a 10. Usually dresses especially do not fit me… I’ve got curves, most designers I seem to cater to the more straight and narrow. I finally talk myself into this dress after what seems like an hour of going back and forth because I can be ridiculously indecisive. Even after ordering I was already mentally preparing myself for it to just not fit… I thought that I could possibly tuck it into a skirt or just use it for a flatlay at the very least…

It gets here today and…. It was too big. I opened the garment bag… threw it on. It is too big. Ladies… I wear a lot of things on repeat and getting this denim dress was something new… something unexpected and it was too BIG. I immediately ran to my closet and grabbed a few things I’ve just been dying to get back into, stripped down and threw on a romper.


Ann Taylor Pocketed Romper

A little about this romper – I had planned to wear it as recently as this past  November when I was visiting Chris in UAE. However it didn’t even make it to the suitcase because I couldn’t get it past my knee caps. Today, it fit perfectly. Here is one similar for $39… I absolutely love this one too!

Then I thought what else is in here that I can wear again?! Picture clothes flying everywhere!! I threw on a little backless black dress I haven’t been able to wear in YEARS…. I could rock it today.


J.Crew Backless Summer LBD

In this moment all the wine I’ve given up drinking, the carbs I’ve given up eating and the sugar I have NOT been enjoying has been worth it. I have felt so different, healthier and just overall better but you still find yourself negotiating with change and the urge to give in. Right?! You say… I’ve earned this donut… this glass of wine, this beer… this nap. I mean I didn’t really gain the weight I’ve put on from overeating I would say… it was more stress with no activity and making poor meal choices. Because on average I was eating mayyyybe one full meal a day, either a large breakfast or dinner… in between it was a piece of fruit, a yogurt snack or something. I’m not a huge snacker. But it all make sense now and I’m finding my way back to where I feel comfortable. Back to where I feel GOOD  about myself again, all of me!

You guys this monumental feeling was amazing… as you can see I grew more and more excited with every piece I put on!!! I’m headed in a good direction and I’m so happy about it. While there are a lot of pieces that I can make work a little while longer, standby for tomorrow because I’m headed to Loft to SHOP! I need a few new pieces and I’m really loving what they’ve got out right now! Follow me on IG for the try on hauls!



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