COLD yet stylish…

Of course, I wanted nothing more than to stay horizontal on the couch underneath blankets ALL DAY. I’m talking Fixer Upper marathons, fire and hot cocoa kind of day. But no… I had about a million errands to run, I was showing the house AND mail yesterday was phenomenal. I got this amazing tunnelneck boxy top from J.Crew (on sale HERE for just $34.50) and it has been calling my name ever since it showed up on my doorstep. Yesterday it was so beautiful outside, a breezy Spring day is what it felt like… today, we’re back to the frozen tundra.

After my shower, I was so unsure about what to wear… when it’s so cold outside that even Bailey doesn’t want to go out… it’s cold. I almost decided to forego my cute new top and throw on a giant hoodie instead…. but I’m so glad I quickly talked myself out of it! I pulled out my white jeans and this new boxy top and started with a black and white plain canvas…. what to wear with it?!

I just got this amazing Tara Jarmon Wide Cuff Coat from Rent the Runway and I instantly fell in love! The color is cream but it almost has like a delicate pink hue which is a subtle feminine touch on this strong, heavy coat. I’m so glad I gave this coat a chance because I think I’m going to have to buy it… it’s that good. The fabric is quality and heavy, just feels luxurious and I love it. The detail in the trim and the pockets is gorgeous and takes it from plain and simple to sexy and sophisticated! You could wear this back and forth to work or over a LBD for an evening out!

With such monochromatic pieces I wanted a punch of color so of course I went with dashing deep red for my bag! This cherry Jamie Clutch is the perfect size and the color is the perfect true red! I love Tory Burch and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint! When I’m running errands and hopping in and out of the car, I want a stylish but useful crossbody bag! I have carried some hideous ones… I know quite a few people that will be happy to see that I’ve stepped up the crossbody game!


Lastly I’ll boast about these adorable leopard shoes. They’re from my Chic Little Shop and absolutely my favorite flats right now. The leopard was the little touch of fun that I needed to complete the look. They also fall into the category of ‘wear all day’ shoes and I knew I wouldn’t end up limping before the day was through…. HA! In all seriousness I almost wore boots because it was so cold, but again glad I talked myself into wearing a little spunk on my feet. I felt like they were the perfect touch!

The simplicity of this outfit was perfect for today. I was SO warm and cozy all day… I felt like I was cuddled up on the couch with my hot cocoa… the soft sweatshirt kept me warm and since the neck was high I skipped the bulky scarf. The coat kept me warm without being too hot and I found uses for all four perfectly placed pockets today, they saved me a time or two!

I think that we can easily throw on a pair of sweats or the biggest sweatshirt we own when it’s cold out… but we don’t always have to! Today I SLAYED my to-do list… I felt confident yet comfortable. I also somehow managed to keep my white pants and cream color jacket free of stains! Which was a task considering my day consisted of two cups of cappuccino, a filthy park bench, cleaning the kitchen and laundry, running errands, Bailey and cooking/enjoying incredibly messy taco boats. This never happens! But I’ll take it!

Until tomorrow, ciao!

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