Who isn’t looking for an outfit that fits a multitude of their most frequent moods?! I know that when I pick up a piece for my personal wardrobe, I’m asking myself what I could wear it with or for! Bonus if it fits into more than one purpose, more than one mood AND it’s comfortable.
Here’s where we talk about athlesiure. Athletic wear is obviously best for working out… fitness… running, sports and everything active! But for a busy mom on the go it’s a great way to be insanely comfortable, ready for ANYTHING and maybe even fit in that occasional work out!
My favorite combos’ are a strong athletic legging that is durable enough to handle my busy days and thick enough to combat any wardrobe malfunction that could occur. I love a pullover or a sweater that is soft and comfortable, warm in the summer and cool and breezy in the summer. I love long sleeves so this is also a must, even when it gets hot… The sun freckles me so fast I try to stay covered when I can.
When I think about these looks I’m thinking about all I get into during the day… I wake up, rushing to get the boys fed and out the door on time. I’m usually rushing to get orders filled and out the door, also on time. It’s usually rush, rush… I need something that I can throw on and pull my hair up, throw on a hat and out the door. If I’m running up to the boys school or anything… I just put a minimal dash of make-up on and GO!
Here’s the leisure to the mix. I’m comfortable and even though I can dress it up a little to make it cute… it feels effortless. I like effortless. It gives this busy momma time to think about everything else on my plate. And also a little added bonus… effortless and comfortable means I’m also feeling confident and if you know me or follow this blog… confident is the new black. It’s sexy!
Give me ALL the athleisure wear!
Now something that is a total bummer about athletic wear is that it can cost you a pretty penny. But y’all I’ve found some recent favorites that I’m LOVING. They fit into your budget without breaking the bank and they’re still just as cute as some of the expensive dupes that they’re fashioned after!
So let’s talk about some of these finds:
Old Navy.
cn13789521While I think there are some things that this big box could improve on… they really are killing it with their active wear. It’s affordable and it’s fashionable. I have an older version of this KILLER cowl neck coat and I have worn it slap to death. I always get compliments on it and it’s ‘workout’ wear. Right!? How many of you wear a band or restaurant t-shirt with holes in it to work out?? Yea. I can’tsay I haven’t. So throw on this cute jacket over it… who’s gonna know?! HA! Get it HERE for just $35 for another 20% off today!
These leggings are perfect for pounding the pavement and equally amazing for just running errands. Get them HERE. They’re under $30 and again another 20% off today! AND if you’re a military family… you can also enjoy an additional %15 off in-store! YA!
52891093Next I want to highlight Target… Targè as I like to call it. They make it simple by highlighting our desired look in its own athleisure category online! Effortless I tell ya! Let’s start with THIS adorable hoodie… I’m a
sucker for a good hoodie. The front pocket is perfect when I need another hand, they’re snuggly on movie night and super washable when I am covered in whatever mess the day brought! Now the athleisure look you’re going to have to be careful and not lose your figure. We’re not going for frumpy… we’re going for that comfy, cute right?! So this hoodie happens to have a cute side lace up detail which I love! It not only is going to be great for creating shape, but it’s also adding this simple added femininity that we crave! So cute! At a cool $20, give it to me!
52218343Now for pants to match! My boys wear joggers constantly… now I finally have seen the comfort and style possibility for myself. The fitted ankle can highlight anything cute on your feet AND provide a look more casual than a tight, figure hugging legging. These also feature a must have pocket… so now I have what?! 5 hands?! YES! #momwin Grab these cuties for just $20 bucks too! #target also has great sports bras too… SO perfect for everyday or when you’re heading out to run miles!
FreeRNFK1710_FX_v1These are a total splurge, but I feel like what you put on your feet is important. It’s carrying you… impacts your posture and if you care about what they look like, they can be pricey! These are adorable and would literally match everything! Nike is mixing the look of chic neutrals and the quality of a good shoe! I also love Nike Free because they are SO lightweight… Grab these for a cool $150. DM me if you find dupes!! But I doubt it, these are just gorgeous! Find them HERE!
I hope this shed a little light into my new favorite fashionable finds… I’m in love with this athleisure look. I know that it’s just necessary for the sanity of any busy women and especially moms to have the ability to grab and go without looking like a hot mess express! Confidently beYOUtiful ladies… Monday-Friday… it’s ok to be comfortable AND confident!
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