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After anxiously awaiting our next move, we finally have orders. We’re heading home!
G E O R G I A.
Even though we’ve moved quite a bit in a relatively short period of time…. the opportunity to move somewhere new has always been exciting. I love moving and making so many new memories. Finding a new favorite restaurant, a new favorite spot for family night, new stores to shop, new friends and a new house to call home!
We’ve lived on the East coast, the West coast and Japan. We’ve had 13 different addresses, more of course if you count super temporary ones or Chris’ deployments. Each location is a piece to our puzzle and at one time or another it was home. Home to the boys first’s, our most memorable friendships and countless memories.
Of course the older the boys get it’s a little more difficult for them leaving their friends and making new ones. But thankfully they usually have no problems making new friends. They could carry on a conversation with a sign post, just like their momma! Making it even easier, we are relocating to another military town… YAY! Military kids are resilient and I’ve noticed something magical during PCS (moving) season. They get through change, they adapt because they aren’t alone.
This is going to be one our last moves as Chris will be retiring and I’m so proud of him. We have so much to look forward to and I think as a family, we’re all ready! I’m excited for the next chapter, it’s going to be a good one!!!

:Baby Steps, Before the Move:

The second you find out where you’re going… the countdown has officially begun and I turn into a machine. Or a monster. Not quite sure which one… but I’m productive, organized and overly emotional.
You instantly look up the schools and the sports for the kids, the community. You
Zillow the housing market and start trying to figure out where you’re going to land. And if you’re moving during the summer, be quick to get all this done because guess what?! Everyone else is too. It’s best to not even waste a SECOND when you’re ready to claim your Casa de Chaos either, because if it’s THE one… there is already 823748 other eyes on it too.
HA! Who know’s what I’m talking about?! Who is moving this summer?? Have you started purging yet? Figuring out what is going to make the cut way before the movers ever arrive is important! And getting organized.
No matter how much there is to do… you still manage to get excited and equally stressed out as the days go by! NORMAL! But let the excitement WIN… plan fun things along the way. Plan a vacation instead of just staying in temporary lodging… visit family, make it fun! These experiences and the challenges that come with them are temporary and when you look back I think you want to remember the fun.
So who’s with me?! Who’s moving? Can we start a support group?? LOL!
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