Dressed to Impress…. ME!

Just enjoying my coffee this morning and I saw some pretty rude comments on Instagram this morning about one of my favorite IG bloggers. ‘Who gets dressed to stay home?!’… among a slew of other harsh remarks. Who the hell says that to get up, get dressed and get ready… that we have to be going anywhere?! I mean getting ready or ‘dressed up’ is NOT an everyday occurrence because there are plenty of days where I enjoy being comfortable and staying in my jams! BUT that day that I get up and say – ‘Damn, I feel good!’ – I’m going to celebrate it! I’m sure this is the same for just about everyone!
We don’t have to impress ANYONE but ourselves. Do what you want! Wear what you want! But wear it with intention and 100% commitment! WORK IT! We should be able to do this without the fear of being judged, the subject of some snide comment or a passive aggressive ‘screenshot’ commentary.
We’ve heard over and over again that we should all love ourselves a little more in 2018. I think this is another area that needs a little self-care and reality check. Don’t be afraid to try something new or wear something you like because of what anyone else thinks. Because you know what… overall it’s really confidence that makes you shine!
You can be wearing sweatpants with your favorite oversized t-shirt and it’d be perfectly ok to be ‘feeling yourself’! What you’ve never felt sexy in sweats or your jams?! To each her own… but confidence makes the outfit! Any outfit!
Which brings me to the point of this post. Words HURT. Why as women do we feel the need to spend so much time talking negatively about other women. Is it a competition thing!? Is it a jealousy thing?! Is it just something to do!? I can’t say I’ve never said anything that I don’t regret… but I do all I can to keep my mind on whatever whirlwind I’m trying to manage and not on someones selfie. If someone feels so good about themselves that they chose to share the moment… LIKE it… LOVE it… COMMENT on it… if you support them. If not, SCROLL on.
It’s so annoying that even though we shouldn’t let comments or trolls impact how or what we think of ourselves, we do! Especially if the comment wasn’t even about us personally. But it’s hard, for anyone! Sometimes the negative is so much easier to believe. Especially when you see so much of it everywhere. Then it all rushes back to you as your getting dressed and you talk yourself into the same ol’ same outfit. Am I right!?
I want to be part of a community of that supports and lifts each other fearlessly and consistently… that can share ideas and have tough conversations knowing that it won’t end a friendship. I want to be surrounded by women with different backgrounds, opinions or beliefs that can educate each other without trying to change each other or tear each other down. Where is this generation of change and positivity that I see plastered everywhere?! Is it part-time or what…?
I hope that 2018 is truly a year of love and growth. Where more women and men stand up for kindness, strength and loving one another. Imagine what a difference you could make in a persons day by simply being kind, standing up for them or just supporting them.
Be kind.


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