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I’ve received a TON of requests to review more of the products I love and of course, I have a ton. I either love a product or I am constantly on the hunt for one that I do! I’m also pretty strict in my review as I personally would like something to do what it’s supposed to… i.e. work miracles – then give me a miracle. HA!
So while I received requests to blog about things I love… nobody specifically mentioned what they’d like. So I’m winging it… here are a few RANDOM products I love!
PERFECT for dry/combination skin. Especially during these harsh winter months… hydrates and smooths without being heavy or leaving an oily finish. Gives your skin that dewy, fresh and vibrant look! The package looks small, but I promise a little bit goes a long way making it more economical than it seems! Try it!

71HU-3NkUpL._SX522_Ardell Magnetic Lashes $13

Oh My LANTA. I was so nervous about these after mixed reviews. But on a whim I wanted to try them anyway and I’m in love. I recommend the demi wispies if you’re looking for more natural looking lashes. It took me a few tries to get the lash line just perfect, but once I got it down I knew these would be a go-to in my make-up bag! Great statement lashes available also!
My favorite brushes! I’ve splurged on expensive brushes before but I always go back to these. They have a ton of different brushes that you can buy or buy in a kit if you’re buying more than one! My favorite thing about these is that they are inexpensive and yet they do not sacrifice quality. I can wash these brushes, they travel well… they really last! And affordable to replace when it’s time! If you’ve never checked out e.l.f. Cosmetics… take a look! Free Shipping over $25 and also a free gift if you use code BLUSH at checkout!
My girlfriend Vasan turned me onto this stuff like idk 12 years ago and it’s so good… it’s always in my beauty bag! Good for things like keeping your make-up on your face and off of everyone else’s shoulder… or melting off your face when it’s hot! It has three new amazing scents but still the magic formula is the same! This formula is amazing for all skin types, even oily skin like mine! I can use before or after applying my make-up to enjoy a dewy yet matte finish that is long lasting! I love it so much! I’ve used other dupes… but honestly… I haven’t found one that I like as much as this one!
I love Castile Soap… I’ve been using it on my face for about six months now and feel comfortable reviewing it! I’ve tried MANY things on my face… I have oily skin in my t-zone and dry skin everywhere else… nothing has been worth telling anyone about. But this! I picked up a travel size bottle at Target one day just because I loved how it smelled and I fell in love. Finally something that not only easily removes make-up, but it also has been wonderful for overall skin tone, acne and oily vs. dry skin. I’m in LOVE! Just a few drops on your finger tips is literally all you need. I can use the travel bottles for over a month! Those are just a couple of bucks at Target. But also, once or twice a week I use a sponge on my face for a more exfoliating wash. Great for that too!
I try to go with products that go with some of the questions that I get on Instagram either from my stories or posts… So if there’s anything specific you see me using or have questions about – just ask! 🙂
Look for a some hair tips and how-to’s this week! I’m working up the courage for a new post to answer some of the questions I get about when I curl my hair! Looking forward to giving it a try… this should be just as comical as informative. HA!

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