IMG_0958I like being out and about sure… But as much as I’m an extrovert – I’m introverted. I’ve been referring to it as…
Type A by day… free spirit at night!
But sometimes the introvert at me can get comfortable at home dayyyys before seeing the sunlight. I feel safe, I get busy with work or on projects, I have chores and I love spending time with the boys!
BUT I think that in order to stay home and be ok with it… you have to be comfortable there. Home is YOU…
I remember years ago Chris and I were going through a budgeting seminar and an interesting topic came up… ‘necessary spending’. I LOVED the direction of this topic from the advisors facilitating the class… it was mind blowing. Because men and women will not always be able to see eye to eye on what is necessary to each other – we’re from Venus and boys are from Mars.
The conversation went a little something like this:
“$20 per month in home decor?! How is this necessary?” Spouse A
“Because it makes me happy!” Spouse B
Of course discussion erupted in the room and we dove headfirst into a whole section about what is actually important. Obviously you need to pay necessary bills prior to splurging on any extras… but after necessary budgeting is taken care of and you can spare some change for happiness… do it.
When the boys were younger one of my favorite things to do when Chris got home was to just get out to myself or with a girlfriend an hour or two once or twice a week. Unwind! Home was a lot different with two toddlers! We’d walk around Marshalls or TJMaxx and how amazing was it to spend an AGREED upon amount without having to hide my bags with throw pillows in the car for a week. So much less stressful… forget the fighting. You get a splurge amount and so does your partner.
Overtime I’ve been able to accumulate things that I really love to decorate our home with. It wasn’t overnight and I still update things from time to time, like when we bought this house. We gave our bedroom an overhaul and currently this room is my favorite.
During a lifetime you spend so much time at home, you make memories there… you’re comforted there. And of course it’s not one specific location… I mean Chris and I have had I think 17 different addresses in the 13 years we’ve been married?! Home is where you’re HAPPY… it’s where your HEART is… where your FAMILY is. Don’t be afraid to make it what you want… your style. It should be somewhere you can’t wait to get home to and somewhere you’d be ok to never leave! That design is just a personal as the clothes you wear and the way you style your hair!
It should also be noted… don’t be afraid to make memories in it either. Sometimes guests in my home have commented about making a mess or messing something up. Just because I want it to look a certain way when you get here, doesn’t mean we can’t make a mess! We LIVE here… we make messes, make memories! Do not buy a white couch if you’re going to freak out if someone spills red wine on it! Everything in my house is either easily replaced, washed or fixed. If not – eh?! The memory or the person is always more important than the ‘thing’. So make it yours… but make it livable!
It takes time to make any house a home!
But it’s worth it!
Bedroom Breakdown:
Bed: A.R.T. Furniture (we also have the dresser)
End Tables: Joss & Main
Bedding: Quilt, Sheets (Currently on Sale!)
Curtains: Target.com
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