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It’s snowing, they’re calling for 6-10 inches for us in VA Beach! Which I can’t deny I’m so excited I can’t stand it… But let’s be real – winter KILLS my hair, skin AND sometimes my sanity. SO I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things! Here’s a quick list of some things I’ll enjoy while we’re snowed in!
1. Mug Vibes I have a SERIOUS… addiction to coffee mugs. Just you wait. But I especially love ones that set a specific mantra for my day. Sometimes that mantra is going to be uplifting and powerful, somedays it may be whimsical or a quote and other days it’s going to be witty and promote big smiles. This ‘don’t kill my vibes’ is a little older… but they’ve always got adorable ones at the killer price of $6.99! You know what that means…. it means a lot of mugs!
2. Tea me Please I love just about all tea, but this new ‘hug in a mug’ from Lipton is just that. It’s so flavorful with hints of lavender and chamomile of course, but also CINNAMON! Which sometimes when I’m enjoying a glass I think of it as a swift kick in the right direction. It’s perfect for your new MUG and winding down from what I’m sure has been a crazy day!
3. Clean Crisp Air I have the nose of a blood hound! I’m a mom with two active (ahem… smelly) growing boys and a fur baby! It’s nearly impossible to keep the house smelling fresh no matter HOW clean you keep it! When we’re stuck inside for a few days I like to put a little fragrance in my Rainbow System! Then it’s not just purifying the air but also making it smell amazing! I love getting these 4 packs too so I can change it up!
4. Best Self Co. With the winter weather keeping it messy outside, I’ll have no excuse to not be productive inside… right?! Easier said than done, but I love this journal. Not only is it about goals and growth but it’s about YOU and how you FEEL. I know looking back on 2018 is going to be more rewarding and more detailed using the journaling technique this sleek portable book teaches. It’s so wonderful to also take a few moments and THINK during the day. Talk about living with a purpose! I’ll be working on my goals tonight!
5. Relax and Unwind The whole line of aromatherapy products that Bath and Body Works released is amazing! The relaunch included some of my favorites, but also some new fragrances that I just love! All are infused with quality essential oils you can enjoy and are complimented with other products you’ll enjoy such as lotions or topical oils! You’ll see these products a lot from me…
6. Cuticle Care Winter does a number on my hands in general… but I can’t stand pesky hang nails or dry skin on my fingers. This cuticle cream not only smells amazing, but it’s one of the best products I’ve ever used on my hands. I love it! It keeps my hands soft and helps to maintain the look of a fresh manicure!
7. Oatmeal Bath I’m currently FREEZING as I finish this up and I cannot wait to go sink into this Oatmeal Bath. One of the best methods of getting rid of dry and itchy winter skin! I can’t tell if it’s the frigid weather outside or if it is the dry heat inside taking a toll on my skin! Probably both, but I always feel better after soaking in this with a glass of wine… and don’t forget to bring your aromatherapy candle!
8. Dry, Static Hair Of course if your skin is having trouble, your hair is not far behind! This Biosilk Shine On spray smells so good and I use it mainly in the winter to keep my hair from turning into a ‘knot’ so fun, dry, static-y MESS! It happens to everyone which is why amazing products like these are PERFECT for this time of year!
I mainly linked from Amazon as some of these products, like the aromatherapy candles, are actually a little cheaper on Amazon (direct from the store) rather than ordering through the retailer sites. Plus I’m a sucker for anything I can order and have it show up on my doorstep in just a couple of days (or hours) for free!!!
Check em’ out! Tell me what you think!
What are some items YOU can’t live without during the cold, dry winter months??
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