holiday vibes

The tree, having it lit with presents underneath, candles lit and novelty treasures filled with memories decorate the house every holiday season. But each year it all feels so different. Each year it gets a o much more sentimental!
Maybe it’s because I’m a mom and the boys are getting so big. Nevertheless, holidays give me all the feels!
Tonight I was picking up ornaments that fell off the tree as I was trying to fix some burnt out bulbs and I caught myself reminiscing about ornaments. So beautiful! The boys little Christmas socks they wore on their first Christmas…. ornaments Chris and I pick out, ornaments from trips and special moments!
Am I the only one feeling like life is flying by?! I find myself enjoying little fun traditions within our family even more and even some of the things I said I’d never do!
I used to be such a perfectionist I hated making a mess doing things with the kids… I just wanted to do them myself. But how do you make memories this way?! How do you pass down recipes or teach them traditions about the season?! You can’t. So time to get messy!
Last night I made this Gingerbread Slime with Nate and it was SO FUN!
We made a bunch for his friends st school too! It smells delicious, however not edible. I can’t deny I also kept a little for myself… so soothing to just fiddle with it!
Tommorrow we bake the traditional holiday snacks and treats! I hope I can make them faster than the boys eat them! Hoping to keep myself from enjoying too many too! Sheesh who watches their weight during the holidays…. 😏!
I look forward to the two weeks between Christmas and New Years to love on family, focus on them and enjoy every moment! We sometimes forget what the season is really about and get caught up in presents and receiving gifts. Remember the gifts of family and friends are irreplaceable. Squeeze those that love you extra tight and look for ways to give and provide for those in need. Don’t lose sight of what’s really important!
While you’re squeezing your loved ones and enjoying wonderful feasts, what holiday traditions or treats do you enjoy?! Bonus points for recipes or instructions!!
Merry Christmas

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