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Oh, photo days! I love them SO much because I get to put outfits together and play dress up… just about all day! HA! #dreamjob!
But on these days or any other day when I’m getting ready there’s a few products that are my GO TO! I’m picky about everything I use and want it to do what it’s supposed to! Let’s dive in!



Let’s talk about hair… I am in love with Function of Beauty. You take a quick quiz about your hair type, problems you may have and also your personal hair goals. You pick the color or dye free, the fragrance if any… The product is quality, affordable and I love that it comes suited in a bottle with my name on it! You can also choose to get a larger shampoo or a larger conditioner if you use one specifically more than the other! Get started here for $5 off. Sets start around $36.
DSC04154_grandeWhile blondes may have more fun… they’re also a lot of work! Unfortunately to keep that white beautiful blonde color you need a little help. When I’m feeling a little brassy or too yellow I love oVertone conditioners. They get me right back to the color I love without damaging my locks. I couldn’t believe the color correction that I was able to achieve from just a conditioning! You can also play with super vibrant and fun colors too! Check out their $5 sample sizes to find the colors best for you here!
2500743I get a ton of questions about my hair and how I curl it. I am way to uncoordinated to use a regular curling iron… props to those who can, but it’s not me. I’ve had many wands and the key is getting the right diameter. Smaller barrel – tighter curl, bigger barrel – big waves! I stick with 1′ 1/4-3/4” myself so that I can make them look more finished or have a loose beach wave. This is a good one and a steal at $69! Get it here!
2286731After I’ve curled and have the perfect waves going… I finish it off with Matrix Texture Builder. It gives light volume and smells absolutely incredible. Seriously I love the fragrance. Usually it gets mistaken as perfume, but it’s always a hit! I love it! A few light sprays and finishing touches and we’re done! Snag it for $18 at Ulta Beauty!


US-31401-01_0I love a good mineral powder foundation. But I could never find one that provided a good coverage and still felt light on my face… until this one. Younique has great products and they tell you exactly what is in them and why. I love knowing what I’m getting into! This duo set is a great deal at $60 and can be found here!
IMG_0214.JPGI love my lashes, they’re long and have a good curl – but they’re blonde. So when I’m looking for mascara I’m looking for a dark, thick mascara that gives them life! But please, spare me the goopy and flaky mess of some of the others. Better than Sex is a fabulous mascara! *Mine says Love because I bought it in Dubai. Affordable and amazing get it here for $24!
Hope this is useful and you give these awesome products a try! I’ll do these periodically and will also share when I try things for the first time!
Merry Christmas!
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