But first… W I N E.

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Today’s outfit brought to you by the beginning phase of what we’re doing here. Getting back to the basics of fashion.

Step One: Finding Confidence.

Ladies, confidence is sexy. It’s what makes you glow, gives you the sparkle and shine… it’s not even just a look. It’s more of a feeling. I mean let’s talk about some trends here..



Gigi Hadid | Courtesy of Elle.com

We’ve all been here… sneaks, sweatpants and coffee. Just a prayer that we can manage without being seen. But nevertheless you know you will be… so you throw on a cute jacket, queue the messy bun and throw on your shades. If you’re rocking it, I don’t care what you look like…. it can be sexy.
I’ve fallen into a comfortable habit of not even blow drying my hair after a shower… I mean my shop is online, I make others look gorgeous. But I can go weeks without seeing anyone other than my little humans. So here’s to a new journey and in large part the purpose of our blog here. I’m not only going to style and fashion others, I’m going to get back to styling myself. I can be fashionable and cute at home. Who says I need to be going anywhere to put on lipstick!? Nobody, that’s who!

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