t h i r t y ONE

“3 Cheers to my 31st Year”
I woke up this morning yet another year older, hopefully wiser… and maybe a little finer. Fine like wine… aging to be a little better, a little prettier and more bold as time goes on.
Today I’ll have amaretto in my coffee & champagne ALL day.
I have SO much to celebrate today. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time, we’re all healthy, I’m working hard to bring the shop up and running, Chris and I are on cloud nine and doing what we can to get through this deployment and I’m managing to keep the boys alive and fed. Kidding… but no seriously… the bigger they get, the harder it gets. HA.
In years past birthdays have only been getting harder, because honestly I loathe the idea of getting older. Anyone else!? I can’t be the only one! However for some strange and unknown reason this year I’m celebrating it and all that comes with it. And while I have no clue where the change has come from… I’m totally ok with it.
So here’s to my 31 years and all the lovely, wonderful people who make this life so easy to love. Here’s to new adventures and big changes.


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