A little old… a little new.

I took this photo in December 2014 when all I wanted was to document outfits I was wearing to work and out and about.  I get asked ‘where’d you get that’ a ton with certain pieces in my closet… so what better way to share than social media right?


I only posted 9 photos on this blog. N I N E… that’s hardly much of an effort on my part right?! LOL.

Well overthinking got the best of that idea until I was given the creative freedom to start my own shop. Before The Little Chic Shop… I had another little successful shop that I loved and still love, but it was a season and it brought me to this.

Without that stepping stone, ordering inventory, media, styling outfits and branding would have just been a lost cause. Like my previous effort at blogging…

But the last few days I’ve been ordering the prettiest pieces for the shop… I cannot wait to try them on myself… style them and offer them up! It’s so liberating. I’m not going to pretend it’s not been a lot of work already… and I have a lot of hard work in front of me. I’m thankful for this blog space and the ability to document the process as I’ve been going through it. If it’s never even read… I’ve already read through these posts a ton and just smiled. Real life. As I’m doing it. Changing my route and setting forth in a whole new direction as I’ve wanted to for SO many years.

Real. Talk.

The ‘Kate Brain’ is not always an easy one to comprehend or even put into words… but man it’s entertaining. And just the way it seems to flow here… it feels like HOME.


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