Ready or Not….

There’s something to be said about knowing what you need to do and actually doing it. I mean in all seriousness… the only thing that I can EVER do without over thinking is #momlife. Anything with the boys… I can think and DO in an instant. No hesitation at all. Everything else in life…. hot mess express.
Worry, fret. Good freaking grief.
Anyway, regardless of the stress and the fret. I know exactly what I’m going to do now… roadmaps – plans and phases. I mean check out the logo above. I’m just not ready to say any of it out loud. WHY!? It’s seriously pissing me off. I’ve said it to 3 people… which they’re my circle… my sounding board. Which if you think about it… they should have been the hardest to divulge this to. But this is the world we live in folks… have a dream and be fearful of the ‘ifs’ and wonder if you’re going to be accepted. I mean how many times have YOU scrolled your favorite social media site and sneered and jeered at someone who’s just trying to do what makes them happy?! Ok… this isn’t supposed to be a soapbox. So – I’m going for it. I’m doing this. No going back!
Sure millions have dreams about opening shops or becoming some big face fashion designer… me? I just want a cute little quaint boutique style shop or a community of women that share the passion and style. Sometimes I’m completely extra… polished from head to toe in my favorite finds! Picture perfect….
I mean who doesn’t love to get a little dressed up from time to time right?! Date night, special event or grocery shopping… it happens. And we do it for ourselves… sometimes others, but sometimes it just feels GOOD!
Other times I can’t be bothered to take a SHOWER… and that also feels amazing. But when I just want to throw on a cute pair of jeans, a cute top and a messy bun – why can’t I still look cute. This is my fashion. Describe it how you will… I don’t have a word for it. But it’s me.
If I one day am blessed to open a physical store… you’d be sipping champagne as you shop because – duh… it’s my favorite. You’d find everything from comfortable sweats to a black satin cocktail dress. You’d find a fanny pack sitting next to a gorgeous shimmer clutch.
Until then… The Chic Little Shop will offer limited quantities of all my favorite things. As I find myself again, my fashion and my feet… I’ll offer an eclectic variety of everything. Finding my favorite brands, designs and flattering fits for all.
Xo, Me


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